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Explore popular quotes and sayings by a French physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb.
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb

Charles-Augustin de Coulomb was a French officer, engineer, and physicist. He is best known as the eponymous discoverer of what is now called Coulomb's law, the description of the electrostatic force of attraction and repulsion. He also did important work on friction.

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Artists Assignment Bodies Branch Carried Choice Citizen Created Devoted Disdain Hide All Draw Duties Edifice Floors Foundations Good Graduating Great Great Men Hands Hidden Higher Improve Intellectual Intelligence Irrelevant Kind Literature Lose Lower Monotony Monuments No Choice Noble Nourishment Obscurity Ordinary Owes Proportional Public Public Good Quickly Rational Scattered School Science Sciences Seek Studious Summit Talents Taste Tedium Tribute Withstand Wolf Young Young Man Less More Hide All See All
Moreover, the sciences are monuments devoted to the public good; each citizen owes to them a tribute proportional to his talents. While the great men, carried to the summit of the edifice, draw and put up the higher floors, the ordinary artists scattered in the lower floors, or hidden in the obscurity of the foundations, must only seek to improve what cleverer hands have created.
Intellectual men who quickly wolf down whatever nourishment is necessary for their bodies with a kind of disdain, may be very rational and have a noble intelligence, but they are not men of taste.
On graduating from school, a studious young man who would withstand the tedium and monotony of his duties has no choice but to lose himself in some branch of science or literature completely irrelevant to his assignment.
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