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Charles Woodson

Charles Cameron Woodson is an American former football defensive back who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 18 seasons with the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers. He played college football at Michigan, where he won the Heisman Trophy and the 1997 national championship as a junior. To date, he is the only defensive player to win the Heisman.

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The one thing I do know about Oakland fans is it doesn't really matter where they are, in my opinion, I still feel like they're gonna be die-hard Raider fans because it's in their blood, it's in their DNA.
I think as long as you're authentic, people will relate to that.
I think it is rare that one player really hates another player on a team. — © Charles Woodson
I think it is rare that one player really hates another player on a team.
Father Time is definitely undefeated, that's for sure. But does it feel good to have some people eat their words about what they said about me as a player? Yeah, that's fun.
As a young player, I never looked this far ahead. I never thought about how long I was going to play.
You can't say Charles doesn't know what he's talking about.
We need more people like me who are real and aren't afraid to take a little criticism.
When you play for the Raiders and you play for Al Davis, it was always the talk that it was Al Davis against the rest of the league. Some of the calls that we would get, we would always say, 'Oh we got that call because of Al's relationship with the NFL.'
Jon Gruden just wants you to come to work, work hard and produce on Sundays. He's not really too much worried about babysitting or holding somebody's hand.
In this life you make mistakes, and some people make more than others.
We all know what Al Davis means to the NFL, what he means to the Oakland Raiders. He is the Oakland Raiders.
I am a sore loser. I will be the first to admit that. When I get on video games I am not that good and when I play against somebody and they beat me, I want to rip the game out the wall, that type of thing. So, I really hesitate from playing them.
The Raiders took me fourth overall because they had a certain need, and that was for me to come in and play man-to-man, bump-and-run all day, to guard the best receiver. You understand your job going in, so that's what you focus on. Would I have liked to play receiver and go both ways? Yep, would have loved to have done that.
I've had an incredible career.
I don't know how to be hurt.
You have to go through a lot of trials and tribulations as a player to be able to grow and learn from 'em and to become better. — © Charles Woodson
You have to go through a lot of trials and tribulations as a player to be able to grow and learn from 'em and to become better.
I never intended on playing as long as I have, but this is the way it's happened and I'm so grateful for it.
You can't talk about the NFL without the Raiders, the three Super Bowl championships, what Al Davis meant to the league.
The Raiders have been good to me, giving me a second chance to come back around and wear the silver and black.
Eric Turner; man, that was my man a hundred grand.
For a guy not to want to listen to a Jerry Rice, a Tim Brown, a Charlie Garner, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
I try to not to step on any coach's toes as far as what I'm telling the young guys or what I'm trying to give them.
Green Bay is a blue-collar community, and it's all about the Packers. I was able to go there, slow down and focus on the game.
I've been to the top. I've also been at the bottom.
I want to portray myself as myself.
The hot tub is my best friend.
I'm a champion. It's all I ever wanted.
It's always great for a young guy to have those examples, even though you may not follow 'em right away, it's great to have those guys in the locker room that you could look up to and see the right way to go about your business.
Practice, training camps to me are fairly easy.
I love the game. You never get rid of that.
I was kind of wild. I enjoyed myself as a young man. I was moving 100 miles per hour - on and off the field.
I never wanted to be that guy that acted like I wasn't in the locker room and then all of a sudden I was an analyst. I played the game. I've been through the bumps and bruises, the politics. When I give an opinion, I want it to be real.
You know this is a great, great country that we live in to be able to play this great game.
The time that I spent out of camp, I made sure when I sat out that I was in tip-top condition.
If a player hears me make a statement, I don't want them to be able to deny it.
Me being able to move around, nickel, dime, safety, you don't know where I'm coming from or if I'm coming, and that's a positive.
For the Raiders, I'm always going to be ready and willing to go there and talk to those players about whatever.
I've always wanted to be under the confetti as a champion, and the Packers beating the Steelers to conclude the 2010 season finally gave me that opportunity. It was so surreal, being able to bring my family onto the field, seeing my oldest son roll around in the confetti, having a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.
I like to call my wines 'anytime wines,' You just want to sit and open up a bottle and watch 'The Blacklist' on a Monday night? Open it up, and it's very easy. It's very approachable.
Marvin Harrison was the best receiver I played against, especially being a young player and just learning the game at this level. He was already at a high level, and the job was made even more difficult because it seemed like every time we played the Colts it was in Indianapolis, where they played on turf - that old AstroTurf.
It's the only way you're able to play as long as I have, is to go out there and perform. — © Charles Woodson
It's the only way you're able to play as long as I have, is to go out there and perform.
I think when guys watch me play, I think that raises the level of other guys because of the way I play the game.
I had the broken collarbone twice, but collarbones heal.
I grew up watching my older brother very closely who was a football player and a star in my hometown of Fremont, Ohio. My love of the game started early because of watching him. My neighborhood played a ton of football, pickup games outside in the backyards of the apartments where I grew up.
Every player, when you get released, you feel like you still have a lot to offer. And that team is telling you, 'No, you don't have a lot to offer, so we're moving on.'
Practice don't win games.
I'm a firm believer in that you've got to strike the iron when it's hot.
I played in Green Bay. I look at their stadium, I look at the Packers Hall of Fame and all the things that go into that experience. I feel the Oakland Raiders are an organization that deserves something like that.
You can put me in anything and I will make it better.
When you're a player, there is almost automatically a respect you have for a person that has been in that fight, who knows what it's all about.
I've done a lot in this game. — © Charles Woodson
I've done a lot in this game.
I love competition, but my approach to the game was to never make it personal. It was business. It was what I did, so it didn't matter who the opposing team was, or who the receiver was. I approached it as business and I never let myself get outside of that.
There'll be some opportunities for other things post-playing, but it's like, 'Man, I don't want to give this gig up.'
I'm negative-three yards in the rushing department. Nobody wants to go out with negative-three yards rushing.
If you love your job and you love what you do, you'll just continue to go out there and work, and try to make whatever corrections you can.
You could look at Tim Brown, you walk in the locker room and you knew you were going to get consistency with him as a person and as a player.
Eric Turner, may he rest in peace. When I first got in the league he was just a friend to me.
Guys go through concussions sometimes that aren't as noticeable. But they know - the player knows - and they want to go back in the game. You want to play.
I just continue to fall in love with the game.
When I started trying wine, I started drinking merlot, and that's all I had. I would go to dinner, and I'd see people drinking wine, and if I ordered anything, it would just be a merlot.
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