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Charli XCX

Charlotte Emma Aitchison, known professionally as Charli XCX, is an English singer and songwriter. Born in Cambridge and raised in Start Hill, Essex, she began posting songs on Myspace in 2008, which led to her discovery by a promoter who invited her to perform at warehouse raves. In 2010, she signed a recording contract with Asylum Records, releasing a series of singles and mixtapes throughout 2011 and 2012. She rose to prominence with the 2012 Icona Pop collaboration "I Love It", which became an international success, reaching the top 10 in North America and Europe.

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I love In-N-Out!
I made video art for quite a long time, and I made this video covering myself in burgers and dancing to Major Lazer and doing covers of Britney Spears songs... I can't remember how I got there, but my teacher said he'd have to fail me because it had mild nudity.
To be honest, my usual makeup is the same as in my music video looks. — © Charli XCX
To be honest, my usual makeup is the same as in my music video looks.
Just be funny. Funny always goes over well, so try to think of something funny to break the ice rather than being weird or using pickup lines.
I think big brows are pretty cool.
I think debate is good. Everyone has an opinion, and it's definitely healthy to voice those.
When I was younger, I was quite scared of a red lip. But I started listening to '60s French ye-ye pop when I was making 'Sucker.' I was looking at Brigitte Bardot and those kinds of girls. When they were dressed up, it was often a bold red lip.
I quite like doing laundry. I find it quite like relaxing.
All my favourite pop songs are the most stupid ones, the ones that are the most obvious.
I always think about fashion when it comes to making music and music videos... what the colours will look like, what the material will be, how will it work with the sound of the music.
The scenes in 'The Virgin Suicides' where Elle Fanning is ice skating are really amazing.
Females should stand by each other, especially in an industry which seems to try so hard to pin us up against each other and make us fight. It's not about that for me. I refuse to be sucked into a twisted world of insecurity and lose who I am.
I actually think it doesn't even matter what age you are or what sex - though that does play into it sometimes - you always have to fight in any kind of creative world because nobody knows your own brain and your own creative ideas better than you do.
If you're in control of everything, then no matter what it is, you can make that feminine. — © Charli XCX
If you're in control of everything, then no matter what it is, you can make that feminine.
I think the process of 'I Love It' becoming such a big song opened my eyes to sides of the industry that I'd never been aware of, which I wasn't so into.
My dream collaboration would be with someone like Bjork, Kate Bush, or even Dionne Warwick.
In the '90s, there was always this continuous pitting of women against each other in the media, trying to make them battle it out.
I always love wearing Vivienne Westwood. Her dresses just seem to fit me perfectly, and she makes dresses for girls with curves - I love that.
I love karaoke and totally hog the mic when I go out and do it with my friends.
I've never conformed to what my record label has said and, yes, that has meant that it's been a long journey for me.
My hair is naturally super curly. But I really don't do so much to it. I just sleep on it and see what happens.
I want to share the experiences I've had.
I don't want to sell my soul or anything, but to go on a huge tour would be next level.
My dad always used to encourage me to dress weird.
I used to try to bully my friends into imitating the Spice Girls on the playground.
Being nice is awesome. You have more fun; you meet more people.
I'm a really big Rihanna fan, and I think she's such an incredible artist.
Whenever I'm writing a song, if I have an idea for the music video, that's how I know it's a good song.
The XCX really stands for 'kiss Charli kiss,' which is unbelievably crap.
I loved Justice and Uffie and everyone signed to the label Ed Banger. They were really influential to me when first started making music.
My one thing is respect. I don't care about anything else. You should respect everyone around you - the people who work for you, peers. Be classy.
To me, 'X Factor' is like Vegas. Fake, twisted, but kind of wonderful. Maybe I'm sick, but I find the whole thing quite funny sometimes.
I definitely went through a phase where I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger... But I certainly wasn't very good at it.
People would always ask me how I came up with my music and what it felt like to make music, and I would always see colours, and then I found out that that was synaesthesia. It helps me understand songs and what I like.
My family is average. I didn't have a crazy life as a kid.
There's something about girls together, uniting, that I just thought was cool.
Making my first record, I was really inspired by all the color palettes Sofia Coppola has in her films.
On my first album, I felt like, if it was going to be turned into a movie, it would have been directed by Sofia Coppola. She creates this kind of pastel-colored palette that's very whimsical but also very stagnant. And that's really how I heard the record.
I get on with people. I don't hang out with people who aren't nice. It's like, be real or go home. — © Charli XCX
I get on with people. I don't hang out with people who aren't nice. It's like, be real or go home.
I think it's cool to be a rock star; I don't think there are many. There aren't many who speak out and take risks. And I think that's important.
I always see my songs in colors, and I'm often more inspired by movies and photographs than I am by other songs when I write my music. I'm also inspired by fashion, and I want my music to be a visual painting of what's in my mind.
I've always said that if I couldn't be myself, first I'd want to be Eminem and then a Disney kid.
I just feel like the songs I write lend themselves to this girl-power feeling, and those are the artists that I looked up to when I was younger.
One time, I gave Chris Martin a My Little Pony for good luck. He said, 'Oh, you should keep it,' but I was like, 'You guys probably need it a lot more than I do.' I said that to Coldplay!
I think I'm a girl's girl in the sense that I support women a lot, and I'm definitely all for girl power, but I think I'm quite a tomboy at heart - even though I love my fashion and dressing up, I think my essence is very boyish.
From the moment I stepped into this industry, I've always had to fight for my ideas and for my voice to be heard.
There are some signs that can indicate she might be interested. Woman might do subconscious things like play with their hair or orient their body towards your direction.
Fashion is instant. It makes you feel something the second you see it on a body... whether you love it or hate it, or it offends you, or it makes you laugh or cry.
You should respect the people you are around. — © Charli XCX
You should respect the people you are around.
I really just want to change the way women think about themselves. A lot of young girls are quite lost.
Most of my favorite artists are strong females.
When I got signed, I had just turned 16. I felt like I had to continuously have these confrontations with older men who were doubting my ideas because I was a woman, because I was 16.
Anyone that thinks 'pop' is a dirty word is living in the '90s.
I see music in colours. I love music that's black, pink, purple or red - but I hate music that's green, yellow or brown.
I think it's awesome when a woman is in control of everything she's doing, especially in an industry like this where people think that doesn't happen often, but it really does - well, from my knowledge and how I manage my own project.
I think what women think is sexy is what is sexy. Girls eating pizza are massively sexy.
I've been really inspired by Paris Hilton, small dogs, and a glitter, luxe lifestyle.
Some people think of feminine as just being pretty and quiet and sweet, but I also think being feminine is being angry and also being sexy and aggressive and passionate.
I've actually done a cover of 'Train in Vain' by The Clash with Viv Albertine - which was originally written about her.
My voice is different, but I don't think I'm the only one with a different take on pop music.
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