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Charlie Barnett

Charlie Barnett is an American actor who starred as Peter Mills, a firefighter/paramedic on the NBC drama Chicago Fire from 2012 to 2015. Among his many starring roles are Alan Zaveri on the Netflix comedy series Russian Doll, Ben Marshall on the Netflix series Tales of the City, and Gabe Miranda in the Netflix thriller series You.

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Turning pot handles the other way around on the stove, making sure you talk with your family and kids directly about fire safety and about kitchen safety, keeping your tree at least three feet from a heater or any kind of lights or flames, making sure that candles aren't left unattended. It's all things that we should know and we think about initially, but during the holidays, in the commotion it seems to get kind of lost.
Just taking the time to look at children and understand them is what everyone needs.
I was always taught that anybody and everything is worth spending time and interest on and there's no reason to pass over anything. So it led me in a route that was just hyper awareness of human beings and care and love. So it's made me at least more open to trying anything, doing everything and experiencing all that I can in this little bit of life that we have.
I'm a full-on appetizer kind of guy. I'm a Lunchables fanatic, too. I like anything tiny that you can make in front of you and eat. I'm fascinated by that. I don't know why but it's something I've always had.
Chicago is a great place because you can experience theatre, film, television, anything and everything, so for an actor it's exciting. The doors are kind of open.
I love people. I love understanding people, why they do the things they do, and why they make the decisions they make. It kind of just over time escalated into realizing that I could... experience that interest and get paid at the same time.
During the holidays it's like cooking central time so keeping it safe is an important part. — © Charlie Barnett
During the holidays it's like cooking central time so keeping it safe is an important part.
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