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Charlie Heaton

Charles Ross Heaton is an English actor and musician. He is known for starring as Jonathan Byers in the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things (2016–present). Beginning his career as a musician, Heaton appeared on British television before starring in Stranger Things and feature films like the 2016 indie thriller Shut In; he has since starred in the thriller films Marrowbone (2017) and The New Mutants (2020), among others.

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A lot of the things that we do in life are to find connection.
Prior to doing 'Marrowbone,' I'd done three projects, which were all American.
If you don't know, 'The New Mutants' is like an 'X-Men' spin-off. It was a comic book; Bill Sienkiewicz did it and it was an 'X-Men' comic. It's basically like a separate bunch of mutants.
I used to play in bands and my dad, he's a big Beatles fan, so I grew up on a lot of Beatles and you kind of find your own way in music. β€” Β© Charlie Heaton
I used to play in bands and my dad, he's a big Beatles fan, so I grew up on a lot of Beatles and you kind of find your own way in music.
I wouldn't say I do that much extreme sport - maybe one day.
My first job was a commercial for a Swiss insurance company. It was an eight-minute short with a proper story arc, and it ended up getting a spot at Cannes Lions; I was lucky to avoid the commercials where you're their puppet.
You can go to school and learn and that works for some people. But I think the best kind of learning is practical and learning on the job.
I look for a layered character who has problems and issues - which, by the way, we all do have.
I want to work and continue to work - that's all I've ever done.
I got my awkward years out of the way.
Every time I go somewhere, I'm like, 'This is where I want to be.' And then I'm like, 'But do I want to live here?'
When something steps in from the work you are doing and breaks into your personal life... you feel kind of vulnerable.
They see you as one thing, and you continue to do that. Do you want to play this really awkward, offbeat outsider? Yeah. I can - but I can do other things. It's having people trust that you can do other things, or proving it to them.
I seem to have the best onscreen mums.
When you're a young actor, you're expected to live a transient life.
I am an advent Arsenal fan, so wherever I am doesn't matter what time it is, when they're playing I have to get up and watch the game.
Sometimes you watch stuff and it's like, oh God - it's the obvious cliches of the genre. You've got to do better.
I had this crazy trajectory. I went from literally living in a hostel in L.A. at the beginning of 2015 to shooting 'Stranger Things' at the end of 2015.
I had done acting at school, and it felt like something that came very naturally to me.
I'm not having to grow up in the spotlight as a 14- or 15-year-old.
I think acting's very natural. It comes from a place of honesty, and if someone tries to teach you their way of doing it, that could be quite damaging.
I'm extremely excited and honoured to be given the opportunity to take on the portrayal of Joseph Merrick in the BBC's adaption of 'The Elephant Man.' This is such a special role and a challenge for any actor.
I sometimes think, 'What am I doing standing on this red carpet?' It's hard to believe. You just tell yourself, 'Just play along and hopefully no one will notice!'
When I see my old mates they will say, 'You're doing well, good on you!' It kind of blows their minds - it blows my mind too!
I'm pretty adventurous, I go out a lot.
I grew up in Bridlington until I was 16, and I lived with my mum and my sisters. I finished school, got my GCSE's, and at the time I didn't know what I wanted to do. β€” Β© Charlie Heaton
I grew up in Bridlington until I was 16, and I lived with my mum and my sisters. I finished school, got my GCSE's, and at the time I didn't know what I wanted to do.
I was born in Leeds, grew up in Bridlington.
I think people are interesting enough. People with mental illness, or just real people going through real circumstances in life.
That concept is quite universal, looking for love.
I was against getting Beats cause I know they're kind of really popular and you know, hey're such a well known brand. But, I ended up buying them and they have changed my life, and the best thing about these is the battery life.
All my friends have always been older than me.
I've lived out of a suitcase for four years.
Just traveling all the time you gotta keep your teeth clean.
I don't like watching horror films. I actually don't. I don't watch horror films.
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