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Charlotte Lamb

Sheila Holland, nÊe Sheila Ann Mary Coates was best known under the pseudonym Charlotte Lamb as a prolific romantic novelist. She signed her novels with her married or maiden names – Sheila Holland, Sheila Coates – and under the pseudonyms Sheila Lancaster, Victoria Wolf and Laura Hardy. She was married to Richard Holland. They had five children, including a set of twins: - Michael Holland, Sarah Holland, Jane Holland, Charlotte Holland and David Holland.

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A romantic novel is an adult fairy story, repeating the recurring symbols and images which can explain life to a woman and satisfy a powerful need within her. The need to love and be loved is vital to all human beings, but especially to women.
War stories, westerns, spy stories are all accepted as respectable because they are read by men. It is only women's light reading which is derided.
Romantic fiction is the only purely feminine art form. All other art forms were shaped and are dominated by men. — © Charlotte Lamb
Romantic fiction is the only purely feminine art form. All other art forms were shaped and are dominated by men.
I think printed fiction is what women read.
Writers and readers are still trying to work out unresolved problems between men and women, and that is why millions of women around the world are hooked on romantic fiction. So am I.
If you want to talk about a subject that is important to women, romantic fiction is the place to talk about it because that's where your audience is.
I am interested in writing how women really feel, how they really think, and how they respond to men. I don't want men reading my books because they might find out too much.
I think love is always going to be the most important subject for women.
People should always mind their own business. More trouble is caused in this world by interference than any other single thing.
When one is innocent of pain, of the havoc it can wreak, one is never cruel. Cruelty is born of pain, of a need to hurt in turn.
I wish you wouldn't walk in and out of my mind as though it was a railway station!
I'll never go. How can I? How far would I get without my heart?
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