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Charlotte Le Bon

Charlotte Le Bon is a Canadian actress and artist, formerly a model and television presenter. She is known for her work in the Canal+ talk show Le Grand Journal, and the films Yves Saint Laurent, The Hundred-Foot Journey, and The Walk. Falcon Lake, her feature film directorial debut, is part of the Directors’ Fortnight selection, which takes place in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival.

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Both my parents are actors, and I saw them struggle with work, waiting for phone calls.
When Steven Spielberg thinks you're the one, then I'll do anything. If you want me to put a dead horse on my head, I'll do it.
Food from Quebec is not known to be amazing. Actually, even though you can eat really, really well in Montreal, it's crazy. It's one of the best cities I eat in, but typical Quebec food is like food from people that work in the woods. It's potatoes, meat and sauce.
I'm vegetarian, so it's difficult for me to eat Tourtiere. β€” Β© Charlotte Le Bon
I'm vegetarian, so it's difficult for me to eat Tourtiere.
What is protecting me is that it is not a finality being an actress. I really think we tend to idealize this job a lot. When you're an actress and you're really famous, it means people believe you are on top of the world - and I think that's not true.
I like to make people laugh. That's for sure. And I really like to humiliate myself and go very far in derision and stuff. But no, I like everything. I started a little bit of doing drama, too. I like that, too. I guess I just want to touch everything.
I didn't choose Paris. I like to think that the city chose me.
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