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Charlotte Selver

Charlotte Selver was a German music educator.

April 4, 1901 - August 22, 2003

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Acceptance Achieve Answer Attention Attitude Basis Breathing Change Collapsing Coming Hide All Core Degree Discovery Energy Exchange Expectation Feel Find Fine Follow Happening Honor Inside Interesting Lead Learn Life Love Makes Mastered Method Moment Nature Open Openness People Positive Possibility Precious Question Quiet Relationship Request Respect Simple Simple Things Source Stand Things Time Two Things Willingness Willingness To Change Work Less More Hide All See All
Life cannot be mastered by a method but needs to be met with an attitude of openness and discovery
If you have these two things - the willingness to change, and the acceptance of everything as it comes, you will have all you need to work with.
Every moment is a moment. Every moment makes a certain request of us. The question is how we answer it. β€” Β© Charlotte Selver
Every moment is a moment. Every moment makes a certain request of us. The question is how we answer it.
The very basis of the work- the very core of the work, is that everything we do can come always new.
Are you open for this possibility of the energy source of breathing to go through you or are you collapsing? Are you open to this coming and going of air and the possibility-wea ther we sit, or stand, or lie-to allow this exchange of air through us?
Through the most simple things which we do all the time, we can feel out to which degree we honor everything with our inner attention.
There’s a certain relationship which we have to have with our inner functioning. That of respect and that of wonder. When we are quiet enough and positive enough that we can follow these fine indications inside which lead us to more functioning, we will find out what precious abilities we have which we usually don’t use.
It is not what you think should be, but what is, that is interesting. When you have the expectation that something should be such and such a way, you will never learn what your nature wants.
Actually, something is always happening. People who don't love the moment are always trying to achieve something, but when one is on the way, every moment is 'it.'
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