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Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith, an English novelist and poet of the Romantic period, prompted a revival of the English sonnet, helped to set conventions for Gothic fiction and wrote political novels of sensibility. Despite ten novels, four children's books and other works, she saw herself mainly as a poet, expecting to be remembered for her Elegiac Sonnets. She is credited with turning the sonnet into an expression of woeful sentiment. She left her husband and began writing to support their children. Her struggles for legal independence as a woman affect her poetry, novels and autobiographical prefaces. Her early novels show development in sentimentality. Later ones such as Desmond and The Old Manor House praised the ideals of the French Revolution. Waning interest left her destitute by 1803. Barely able to hold a pen, she sold her book collection to pay debts and died in 1806. Largely forgotten by the mid-19th century, she has since been seen as a major Romantic writer.

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Advantage Beauty Bind Child Clay Cliffs Compact Composed Conquest Cottage Hide All Cutting Descent Designed Destitute Education Garden Gardening Gave Hands History Line Made Mind Narrow Novelty People Posterity Present Reason Rude Rugged Soothe Sort Steps Stones Study Young Young People Less More Hide All See All
In the course of her education she had gone through the history usually put into the hands of young people... now her ripened reason gave to her present study at least the advantage of novelty.
The child now shewed her a narrow and rugged descent, made by cutting the red clay and stones, of which the cliffs are here composed, into a sort of rude steps.
In following their line through, and those of Plantagenet and Tudor, there is but little to soothe the mind. — © Charlotte Smith
In following their line through, and those of Plantagenet and Tudor, there is but little to soothe the mind.
The cottage garden; most for use designed, Yet not of beauty destitute.
If conquest does not bind posterity, so neither can compact bind it.
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