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Chaz Brenchley

Chaz Brenchley is a British writer of novels and short stories, associated with the genres of horror, crime and fantasy. Some of his work has been published under the pseudonyms of Ben Macallan and Daniel Fox. Chaz also serves as one of three hosts, with Jeannie Warner and John Schmidt, of the podcast Writers Drinking Coffee.

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Achievement Alien Beat Blood City Desire Devastating Documents Extraordinary Extraordinary Achievement Hide All Fear Felt Find Half Hunger Imagined Lane Life Live Lives Mixing Music Neon Rain Real Regret Reputation Rhythms Secret Till Touching Vivid Waiting Wasted Word Less More Hide All See All
Joel Lane documents a life we don’t quite live, in a city we can’t quite find: half glimpsed and half imagined, we know it’s out there somewhere. Waiting, maybe. Mixing fear with desire, reputation with regret. Touching the blood-beat of our secret hunger with the rhythms of a music that never felt alien till now. Wasted lives, with never a wasted word. It’s an extraordinary achievement: vivid as neon, real as rain. Devastating.
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