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Chaz Bundick

Chaz Bear, known professionally as Toro y Moi, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and graphic designer. He is often recognized as a spearhead of the chillwave genre in the 2010s, alongside contemporaries Washed Out and Neon Indian, although his music has explored various styles since. His stage name is a multilingual expression consisting of the Spanish words toro and y and the French word moi.

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As a music listener, I'm becoming more and more ADD - like, "Eh, I'm bored with this". So who knows how long I'll be playing music.
Electronic music is so weird because trends change so fast.
Not all of my songs are electronic, they're not house or dancey. — © Chaz Bundick
Not all of my songs are electronic, they're not house or dancey.
It's really cool to be around people that are younger than you who are really cool with being open about stuff.
Maybe one day I'll write my rock album so I can use more obscure references and just be weird. If the lyrics are too crazy, though, then it's not pop anymore.
Parking's expensive, so I walk or ride my bike, which is good because my girlfriend's getting her PhD as an environmental engineer.
Identity politics are becoming less important since culture's being blended into one big thing - I look at kids' Tumblrs and they're all into the same things.
I don't do intoxicants on tour too often. It slows me down mentally, and it feels like killing brain cells.
When it comes to music, I'm definitely thinking [about] what I would like to hear.
It's easy for people to mistake most musicians as living the easy life. It takes a while to get to that point. I'm sure it's like that for acting and television.
Pop music is awesome, but I like to keep changing it up.
Once you move in with your significant other, you have to become a combination of each other.
Kids are starting to dress the same, listen to the same music. I look at their Tumblrs and they're all into the same things.
I'm never drunk on the road, and since I've got to take care of my voice, smoke is definitely not allowed.
I'm training myself to go back to the way I used to record before electronic programs.
I've always thought that reviews and knowing how much your fans appreciate or don't like something, that's the sugar coating. I'm trying not to think about those things.
If I ever get some free time I end up thinking about what to make next. I don't pick up a guitar and start playing the songs I already know; I immediately try to write a riff.
I don't mind genre names. "Chillwave" is probably the last thing I would think of, but I don't mind it.
I see a lot of people of color in my fanbase and at all my shows, and it's really awesome.
I'm not worried about repeating myself - I'm more worried that I'd just get bored.
I'm a little bit scared of re-recording. — © Chaz Bundick
I'm a little bit scared of re-recording.
I like to challenge myself, to see if I can actually write a pop album that people can connect with lyrically. Musically, it's very accessible - or, at least, I hope so.
I'm a big fan of the artist Parra, and the way he draws naked women is really cool to see. It doesn't look perverted, it just looks really awesome.
I'm so bad at lyrics. I'm always trying to get better. Sometimes, the song can restrict your lyrics - if you're trying to make a poppy song, you don't want to sing something that sounds like it could be on an At the Drive-In song.
I don't think my lyrics go so well when I try to sound poetic. Some people do that really well. If I did that I'd feel like it wouldn't be genuine.
I don't put categories on music, myself. So either people go with it or they don't, and sometimes the names sound a little silly.
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