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Chelan Simmons

Chelan Lauren Simmons is a Canadian actress and former professional model. She is best known for her roles in the films Final Destination 3 (2006), Good Luck Chuck (2007), and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010). She is also known for her roles in the television series It (1990), Wonderfalls (2004), Kyle XY (2006–2009), and The L.A. Complex (2012).

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When I was little, I didn't know you got paid for acting. My parents put the money in the bank for me, but I just thought it was this fun thing that I was so excited to do. You got to be on the set and get a little bit of makeup and be on camera.
I'm not good with sci-fi stuff. I'll be in it, as long as I can see what I'm dealing with and know it's fake. As soon as I watch it on TV, though, my brain registers it as 'Everything's real!'
And after every audition I booked, my parents would buy me a Barbie, so that was it for me: You got a Barbie, and you got to hang out with friends. And I thought it was just the best thing ever.
Every girl/woman in the world has flaws. Instead of focusing on your flaws when you look in a mirror, focus on the parts of you that you love; try to do this every morning. You will ooze confidence all day long.
When I'm filming, I try to get a facial two weeks before I start shooting and then again once I've wrapped. On set they tend to use a lot of make-up, so I like to prepare my skin right before, and then unclog all my pores right after.
Though I've been in horror movies, I just can't watch them. The first time I watched a 'Harry Potter' movie, I had nightmares for, like, two weeks.
My husband and I own a CrossFit Gym. Crossfit is perfect for me because it's always competitive, all the workouts are in a class environment, and it's different every day. It's a constantly varied functional fitness workout done with intensity.
If you're feeling frumpy or grumpy, try to eat Paleo. It's a way of eating that is sometimes referred to as the 'Caveman Diet.' — © Chelan Simmons
If you're feeling frumpy or grumpy, try to eat Paleo. It's a way of eating that is sometimes referred to as the 'Caveman Diet.'
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