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Chellis Glendinning

Chellis Glendinning is an author and activist. She has been called a pioneer in the concept of ecopsychology—the belief that promoting environmentalism is healthy. She is a social-change activist with an emphasis on feminism, bioregionalism, and indigenous rights. She promotes human cultures which are land-based and confined to bioregions, and is a critic of the use of technology.

Author | Born: June 18, 1947

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Some of the technologies that were created during the Industrial Revolution were appalling, such as capitalization, investment, social hierarchy, sexism, racism, and ecological destruction.
A whole new series of technologies like biotechnology, virtual reality, and super-computerization are appearing now that are leading us away from our nature-based roots.
People tend to personalize technology so they can't get to the systemic analysis. They say, "Oh, I can't give up my personal computer." Or, "I just love radio too much."
If we cannot envision the world we would like to live in, we cannot work towards its creation. If we cannot place ourselves in it in our imagination, we will not believe it is possible.
We always want to be going forward. It's scary to go back.
It is not just contemporary industrial society that is dysfunctional; it is civilization itself. We humans are born to be creatures of the land and the sea and the stars; we are relations to the animals, cohorts to the plants. Our well being, and the well-being of the very planet depend on our pursuance of our given place within the natural world.
The important thing is to go back to wholeness. It's time for human beings to come into a sustainable world. — © Chellis Glendinning
The important thing is to go back to wholeness. It's time for human beings to come into a sustainable world.
Most pointedly, nature-based people manifest the very qualities that contemporary psychotherapy, the recovery movement, and spiritual practices continually aim for: a visible sense of inner peace, unselfconscious humility, an urge to communal cooperation, and heartfelt appreciation for the world around them.
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