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Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Joy Wolfe is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Her work has blended elements of gothic rock, doom metal, and folk music.

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I think a lot of people read the album cover as something scary or creepy. I think it's something positive...something lasting.
It really took me a long time to become comfortable as a performer. I think I'm finally starting to enjoy playing live.
I was always really interested in the reality of things - the two sides to every story - and I always had a darker perspective on things. Even as a kid I would watch the world news for hours just to get a sense of what was going on in the world.
I wish I could be invisible and just play music and not have to worry about anyone looking at me. — © Chelsea Wolfe
I wish I could be invisible and just play music and not have to worry about anyone looking at me.
I've always had some sort of affinity for the ends of things. It depends on the song, I try to explore it in different ways. Sometimes when I think about death I'm thinking of it as a physical character that can teach you things and sometimes I'm thinking of it in a finite sense and other times I'm just asking questions that I can't answer. I don't really like to state my personal belief, because I change my mind too often, but I imagine something peaceful. Whether it's a rest or another world or some kind of eternity, it doesn't seem like a scary thing.
I was really inspired by intense nature and landscapes, and I'm always inspired by open spaces and giving room for things to grow sound-wise and visually. I have a bit of claustrophobia myself which I think translates into my music.
I've always loved California; I'll probably always live here on the West Coast, at least long-term. But I do love coming to New York. The energy is totally different, and I always have a lot of fun there. I always end up staying up all night! I look at my friends, like, "How do you guys do this every day?"
I prefer not to overthink things because I think if I did I would never end up releasing anything. I tend to just follow my instincts when it comes to imagery or whatever is inspiring me. I just fit it together in a weird way, and I have to let it go at some point or else I would hold onto it forever.
I'm always excited to make the next album because I definitely get sick of my work the second it gets out there.
I think I finally fell in love with NY.. I miss it already !
I read the reviews sometimes, but I don't let it really affect the next album because, for me, when I approach an album, it's usually coming to me pretty naturally. It's not like I set out, like, "Okay, I'm going to write an album this month." It's more like I'm just always writing songs and eventually I start to realize that a group of songs sort of fits together, and I go from there in putting together the album and themes and artwork and things like that.
Once I re-approached music I had to do it in a way that wasn't so personal for me to feel comfortable releasing it into the world. Well, of course some of them are, but I would never talk in an interview about exactly what a song is about. I like to keep my music and my life separate.
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