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Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi, courtesy name Zhengshu (正叔), also known as Yichuan Xiansheng (δΌŠε·ε…ˆη”Ÿ), was a Chinese classicist, essayist, philosopher, and politician of the Song Dynasty. He worked with his older brother Cheng Hao. Like his brother, he was a student of Zhou Dunyi, a friend of Shao Yong, and a nephew of Zhang Zai. The five of them along with Sima Guang are called the Six Great Masters by his follower Zhu Xi. He became a prominent figure in neo-Confucianism, and the philosophy of Cheng Yi, Cheng Hao and Zhu Xi is referred to as the Cheng–Zhu school or the Rationalistic School.

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Choices Evil Knowledge Make Moving One Thing People Possess Power Simply Hide All Strong Thing Utmost Wisdom Less More Hide All See All
People do evil simply because they do not know. β€” Β© Cheng Yi
People do evil simply because they do not know.
If one extends knowledge to the utmost, one will have wisdom. Having wisdom, one can then make choices.
If one concentrates on one thing and does not get away from it ... he will possess strong, moving power.
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