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Cheon Eunbi
Cheon Eunbi
Born: February 7, 1992

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Badly Boil Boils Bunch Chest Chorus Chose Cigarettes Closed Comfort Hide All Country Crazy Dangerous Deal Death Decision Deserve Door Enter Faster Feel Feel Good Feeling Feelings Fell Felt First Time Fooling Fooling Around Good Grew Grow Hands Hard Hard Time Harder Having A Hard Time Heart Held Helped High High School Hotter Hurting Hurting You Interested Kind Life Matter Mine Money Musical Musicals Nausea Older Opened Opportunity Pain Path Pathetic People Person Pretend Previous Previous Life Problems Remain Rest Rest Of Your Life Revolving Save Scared School Selfish Smoke Special Special Person Stand Stand Up Student T Pain Talent Teacher Tend Things Thought Time True Unqualified Unselfish Watch World Yang Less More Hide All See All
It was you that led me to the musical that's everything to me. You held my hands so that I can enter the world that I could only watch. When I fell, you helped me stand up. When the path was closed, you opened it up. You're that kind of person to me.
That's right. I'm scared to death. You said it's your first time, feeling chest pain, and nausea. Well it's not mine. I've felt that before, and I know how crazy hot it boils, and how dangerous it is. And I know myself. I'm a Yang Eun-nem-bi, so I boil faster, and hotter, than everyone else.
Even if you want something so badly, without talent, you can't even get the opportunity. You remain as the chorus for the rest of your life. — © Cheon Eunbi
Even if you want something so badly, without talent, you can't even get the opportunity. You remain as the chorus for the rest of your life.
Why are you doing this to me? What kind of country did I save in my previous life?
People always tend to chose what is best for them. They pretend to be unselfish, all so that they can feel good about themselves. Even that really is a selfish decision.
I just want to do musicals. it's hard enough just to do musicals. No matter how hard I try, I think it's only getting harder. Even If I try harder, there are problems that I just can't deal with. I don't know why it's become like this.
A heart isn't some revolving door where a bunch of people can go in and out.
When I grew older, I thought I would become an even more special person. But, it's not true. I eat more and I know a lot more things but I just become more pathetic. Is this what it's like to grow old?
A high school student shouldn't smoke cigarettes. You can't comfort someone with money either. And fooling around with someone's feelings...Trying out someone when you're not even interested. That's something you deserve to get hit for.
I didn't know you were having a hard time. I really am unqualified to be a teacher. Hurting you there...I'm really sorry.
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