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Cheryl Yeoh

Cheryl (Yeoh) Sew Hoy is an entrepreneur, speaker and angel investor, best known for being the founding CEO of the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), a government-funded agency to support entrepreneurship in Malaysia and ASEAN.

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Sometimes, you do need different leaders for different stages of the company.
When an incident is reported, HR almost always starts from a place of disbelief. They request evidence and ask for proof. But if HR is investigating a sexual harassment case within the company, it is their duty as HR to protect their employees. That is the sentiment that has to shift.
I think it's a violation of user privacy to continue storing email addresses if you tell users your service is shutting down. I sign up for a service, and if you're no longer providing that service, why should you keep my information?
I don't give up. I'm definitely meant to be an entrepreneur. — © Cheryl Yeoh
I don't give up. I'm definitely meant to be an entrepreneur.
I want to be known as someone who develops individuals, not just companies.
I am a black belt in martial arts. I like to drink scotch. I go skydiving. So I never really saw myself as a woman or a minority. I just went out there and did my thing, and it didn't even cross my mind.
The best way to minimize disagreement is to make sure that all the stakeholders are in the room.
When I started my company in the U.S. I was always told by my mentors, 'If you want to start a tech company, you need a technical co-founder,' because outsourcing just doesn't work. It is too slow, it is too expensive, and the product is going to change a lot.
Sometimes, the startup game works in your favor just because you got in at the right time and right environment. Other times, you're a little too late entering an already crowded space. But startups with strong fundamentals withstand external conditions and come out ahead in good or bad times.
Non-consensual, sexual advances are not the same as flirtatious comments from a creepy dude. The degree of harassment matters.
When a company makes a fundamental change, it is inevitable that some people will leave.
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