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Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Lee Hawkes is an English pop singer and occasional actor. He started his career at the age of 19 when he appeared in the film Buddy's Song, which featured his best-known single "The One and Only", which topped the UK Singles Chart for five weeks and reached the Top 10 in the United States. Follow-up single "I'm a Man Not a Boy" peaked at 27 in the UK, with subsequent singles including "What's Wrong With This Picture?", "Stay Away Baby Jane" and "Another Fine Mess" also charting in the top 100.

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My income started to dry up a couple of years after I had the big success with 'The One and Only.'
I'd been spending way too much money. I wasn't very sensible. I got to the point where I couldn't afford to even pay the mortgage.
I don't have anything against reality TV. — © Chesney Hawkes
I don't have anything against reality TV.
In hindsight I might have chosen a different path and everything but I still make music, I have a core following that wait for every new album and it's given me the career I have now.
I have dabbled in management but I found it a little too all consuming.
My dad was in the Tremeloes.
Yeah... my wife says no more reality shows in case I break another bone or something.
'The One and Only'? Down the years I've had a slight love/hate relationship with it, but I can't not love playing it.
Originally a promoter came and asked if I fancied doing a few student gigs. I was a little nervous. I thought they wouldn't know who I was and, worse still, not care. The first gig was in Lincoln. It sold out. I had knickers thrown on stage and people were chanting my name. I can't remember having a reaction like that - even in '91.
I'm actually enjoying the touring life, although the worst part is being away from my three young children.
I absolutely love sushi.
I've done panto down the years, I love that. So never say never for anything.
Of course I had a good family, so that kept my feet on the ground. — © Chesney Hawkes
Of course I had a good family, so that kept my feet on the ground.
I like being out of the limelight.
I was 19. 'The One And Only' was my first record. It went to No. 1 and I was this big star. I thought that was what happened when you released records. Of course that is not normal. It's a great record and I'm still really proud of it but I think it was a bit of a fluke.
I got married, had two kids, watched a lot of football, drunk a lot of pints, etc.
I am gutted not to be taking part in 'Dancing on Ice.' I was having a brilliant time and couldn't wait to finally be skating live on national TV!
My day job is that I write songs for other artists and if I'm not on the road I'm in my studio.
When I look back at old footage of me back in the early '90s, it almost looks like a cartoon character, or something.
People still look for that elusive record deal, but you still can release records on your own, which is amazing.
I ripped all the cartilage out of my hip in a water ski jumping accident. I am a bit accident prone.
I've heard about Honey G and there's always someone like that who gets through. It's a little bit of politics involved in that with 'The X Factor' which I'm not a big fan of but at the end of the day it's a TV show.
It feels like I've been dancing for years.
I've never really been that into cars. Maybe I just thought that's what pop stars do. They buy flash cars. I was just playing it up a bit, being flash.
My kids are the most important thing in my life.
By the time I was 17, I was in a band, writing songs and playing solo piano at weekends, in pubs or at weddings.
My wife tells me off as I'm always coming home with either skateboards or guitars.
Seriously, I lived in America for a while, I've been in lots of different bands, I write songs for all sorts of different artists.
Whether it's right or wrong, people listen to people who are famous. I want to utilize it for good.
Nostalgia is an amazing thing.
It is true I've written songs for other performers; I've worked with Tricky, Tears for Fears, A1, HearSay among others.
When I first released 'The One And Only' nobody knew it was going to be so big. I just thought, 'Oh, this is what happens when you release a record? Brilliant! Let's release another.'
Well I do like to give myself a challenge.
I remember there was days when I would do six, seven countries in a day, you'd just be flying around and I'd get up in the morning and not know what I was doing. In one day I'd fly to Belgium and then off to Sweden and then do a gig in Leeds, I literally didn't know what I was doing from day to day.
When I was 16 I told my dad I wanted to be a pop star. He told me, 'I'll give you until the end of the summer. If you're not earning money by then, you're going back to school.'
A friend of mine, Thomas Jules, who was the lead singer of Rudimental, is an amazing DJ, so I've got him to come down and give me some tips.
My record label dropped me, and I'd been spending way too much money.
In fact one of the main reasons I head out to Los Angeles quite a bit is because they have the most amazing sushi bar in the world. — © Chesney Hawkes
In fact one of the main reasons I head out to Los Angeles quite a bit is because they have the most amazing sushi bar in the world.
People have so many preconceptions about me. I always knew it was going to be an uphill battle.
Kristina is a model. It's that old rock star meets model cliche.
I enjoy doing my gigs and I keep my hand in by putting records out now and again. You can't really get over the buzz of playing live though.
I know a lot of fans like the beginnings of 'The X Factor' where you get all the crazy people and everything, but for me it's almost like taking the mickey out of people with mental illnesses.
I've worked with the company - James Dean Events - on several occasions and their festivals have always been really successful and well run. I've even got to know the people that own the land. It's always a really warm crowd and a real community spirit.
Before I knew it, we were No. 1 all over Europe and in the U.S. Top 10. We were living the dream, girls camped outside the house and everything.
I like posing in cars, with my shades on. That's what cars are for. They're not to get you from A to B. They're to pose in.
I'm sure I was a cocky git.
It really was... my life was not my own, put it that way. It was fun, I was only 19 at the time but it was crazy, it was really, really crazy and people camped outside my parents' house and it was a nutty time, really crazy and I'm glad I don't have that right now.
I have to say that talk of me living as a tramp at one point is completely false and I think that's been added to my entry in Wikipedia, but I have been asked about that quite a few times.
It's when you think too much is when it all goes wrong. — © Chesney Hawkes
It's when you think too much is when it all goes wrong.
Over the years I've worked in everything from R&B, pop, country to rock 'n' roll to heavy rock, alternative... if there's one thing that my manager tells me off for, it's that I am a little too eclectic, that I have trouble focusing.
I'm working on an Americana-style album because I live in L.A. now.
I still get knickers thrown on stage, but not as much as they used to. In fact, I get bloke's boxer shorts thrown on and someone rolled a coconut on stage the other night.
I'm a massive fan of Ben Folds, I have been for ages.
I think that probably the most important thing in a career is not to believe your press and not to take yourself seriously.
I've seen the highs and lows not just of the music business but of life.
When Dad heard 'The One and Only,' he said: 'That's a smash.' Dad played the demo through the speakers at Abbey Road, where we were recording. I was a huge Nik Kershaw fan and was desperate to meet him, but everyone else hated the song.
My day job these days is I am writing, producing and developing young artists here in the States, in between working on my own stuff.
My dad was lead singer of the Tremeloes and he gave me advice.
I bought everyone in my family a car, I bought my mum a convertible Mercedes. I bought a studio at a ridiculous cost - just insane.
I never got the chance to step back and appreciate what was happening to me.
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