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Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian blogger, businesswoman, fashion designer, and model who has collaborated with fashion and beauty brands through her blog The Blonde Salad. In September 2017, Ferragni was ranked first on the Forbes "Top Fashion Influencers" list.

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I'm happy with all of my past outfits, as they have felt right at the time, and your style always evolves.
During the fashion month, I have a very busy schedule and not much time to dedicate to my hair, but I cannot neglect it if I want to maintain it healthy and always perfect. Taking care of it with the right products while keeping it healthy allows me to wear strong and shiny hair even without having to avoid experimenting new styles and looks.
My favourite leather jackets are timeless. — © Chiara Ferragni
My favourite leather jackets are timeless.
I think London is one of the best cities to shop in.
Take risks and try new things.
I was so proud of my team and myself for changing the rules of the fashion industry.
I have a bit of an obsession with eyes and always want to use them.
Don't think too much. The best pictures come naturally.
Years and years ago, I was obsessed with these Pamela Love necklaces, and they had a claw, like an eagle claw, which was silver. Then I found one on this random website. I thought it was a fake claw, and when it arrived, it was a real one, cut off from the animal! It came to my house, and it was disgusting; it was a chicken claw or something.
Everybody would like to be on the cover of 'Vogue.'
The first thing that inspires me is my mood, but I take inspiration from a lot of things: a rock song, a romantic movie or a specific lifestyle, like 1960s London and, of course, Italian 'dolce vita!'
I like to wear boots with skirts or mini-dresses, or jeans with sneakers and jumpers, leather jackets, or a rain coat.
I've never done fashion school or anything like that. But I have good instincts. — © Chiara Ferragni
I've never done fashion school or anything like that. But I have good instincts.
My intention was to create something that people loved to look at and they could find inspiration from, and that was it.
I don't do dishes, and I don't cook, either! Everything else, I can do!
This mix of willingness and passion made me the businesswoman I am now.
I think you should always have a big team behind you if you are a big brand because it makes you think big.
I've always been a huge fan of beauty.
I love Europe even though I'm based in the U.S.
My style evolves day by day; I love change.
At the beginning of my career, it was really difficult for my family to understand what I was working on, but they supported me anyway and gave me the best advice, which was to always be myself.
Since I was a young girl, I always wanted to pursue law studies. I would have never imagined that my career would have taken a complete different route.
Some loved me, some hated me - but they all followed me.
Of course, you decide which story you want to tell. For me, it's been very authentic, so sometimes I'm super happy, and I post four pictures one after the other; sometimes I'm busy, and I don't. Sometimes I'm sad, and I post a sad picture.
Be patient - if something is supposed to happen, it's going to happen. Whenever I've tried to force things, they didn't go right.
Personality for me is the strongest statement.
I'm from Italy, but when I'm in L.A., I dress a little bit rock and roll.
The Blonde Salad never stops!
I change my beauty routine every six months, but I make sure to use products that are light and gentle.
I never liked the idea of taking a photo just for yourself - I think everything is better when shared.
If I'm on a flight for more than 14 hours, I will do this Fresh face mask on the plane. I don't care how silly it looks; it saves my skin from drying out.
I love hats, especially when you have bad hair days.
Americans have a casual vibe that I love so much.
Looking into the camera creates a special eye and soul contact.
I have five tattoos.
There isn't that disconnect between the fashion industry and people now - you can be a trendsetter even if you don't go to shows. The industry isn't as snobbish as it used to be.
I was at lunch with some friends one day, and we looked down at our table - blond pasta, blond pizza - and then someone joked, 'Blonde salad,' and it stuck.
After moving to L.A., I've started to appreciate the relaxed American look. — © Chiara Ferragni
After moving to L.A., I've started to appreciate the relaxed American look.
In a few years, we might not still be into Instagram, but hopefully I'll be into the next thing and have fun do it.
Growing up, I always liked Catwoman and Superman; they inspired me.
After my first fashion week, there were so many brands approaching us, and we said 'No' 90 per cent of the time. We didn't care about making a lot of money - it seemed so short term. We've always wanted to create something bigger.
You can totally work with brands. People love seeing that, but you have to build stories. You have to build credibility, and those brands have to really be the perfect fit for yourself.
What could be a better recipe than mixing fashion and food?
My secret has always been to be true to myself.
When it comes to anything you want to do in your life, you have to be passionate. Success may come, but in the end, the most important thing is that you are doing what you really want to do.
Express yourself. Tell us who you are. If you would never wear pearls in real life, don't wear them when you get married.
I could have been like so many other bloggers or 'influencers' who just have their agent and are more like celebrities, but I've never wanted it to be only like that. Of course, I still want that part in my life, but I also wanted to create a brand.
I've always been into shoes and bags. — © Chiara Ferragni
I've always been into shoes and bags.
For makeup, I prefer to keep it simple for the daytime.
I love makeup so much, but I'm very bad at doing my own makeup. Italian girls don't wear very much, so when I do put on makeup it's just very, very natural.
I strongly prefer to keep my hair loose and wavy, leaving it as natural as possible.
I wear a Chanel backpack most of the time, and my Louis Vuitton Keepall duffel is my go-to carry-on.
I'm definitely more of a makeup person than a skincare person. I'd love someone to teach me exactly what to do with my skin, but then again, I am also lazy.
It's bizarre to say all bloggers are sellouts.
When it comes to exercise, it's really hard for me to have a weekly routine because my schedule changes daily. But I try to go jogging as much as possible - when I'm in L.A., I do it every day.
My style changes every day. I would say its casual chic.
I bought a Cartier nail bracelet to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my blog. It's an investment piece, but it's simple enough to wear every day, and it's something that will last forever.
I've never tried too hard.
When someone calls me a blogger, I think, 'That's one of the things I used to do.' I'm a creative director for my shoe brand; I'm the editor-in-chief of 'The Blonde Salad,' which is a website and not just a blog anymore.
As long as you're ahead of a trend, I think you're going to be fine. You really have to have a multitasking mind that can switch from one thing to the other easily without too much focus on, 'Oh, I'm going to Instagram my life.'
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