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Explore popular quotes and sayings by an Italian activist Chiara Lubich.
Chiara Lubich

Chiara Lubich, was an Italian teacher and author who founded the Focolare Movement, which aims to bring unity among people and promote universal family.

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We discovered, like infants opening their eyes for the first time, that God's coming upon earth out of love for us had radically changed the world, because he had remained with us. As we walked about the city, or traveled to different cities and countries, it was not the beautiful and interesting things around us that attracted us. Not even Rome's wonderful monuments and precious relics seemed so important. Rather, what gave a sense of continuity to our journeying through the world for Jesus, was His Eucharistic presence in the tabernacles we found wherever we went.
Be aware that the fire that does not grow is extinguished. — © Chiara Lubich
Be aware that the fire that does not grow is extinguished.
When we worship you in the form of bread... we always see you as an adult. But every year at Christmas, you reveal yourself to us as a child born in a crib. We stand in silent amazement...In silent adoration we stand before the mystery, like Mary when the shepherd came and told her what they had seen and heard: 'She kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.'
Lose everything, even the attachment to holiness, so that you aim only at one thing: to love
In life we do many things, say many things, but the voice of suffering offered out of love - which is perhaps unheard by and unknown to others - is the loudest cry that can penetrate Heaven
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