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Chilly Gonzales

Jason Charles Beck, professionally known as Chilly Gonzales, is a Canadian musician, songwriter, and producer. Currently based in Cologne, Germany, he previously lived for several years in Paris. Gonzales is a musical polymath, known for his rap albums, his collaborations with pop musicians like Feist and Drake, his albums of classical piano compositions, and also for his collaborations with electronic musicians like Daft Punk and Boys Noize, the latter with whom he produces as Octave Minds.

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To me, a performance is a military operation; it requires so much planning, and then ripping up the plan the minute you get there because you have no idea what the audience is feeling. I'm very much an entertainer, and sensitive to the audience's perception of me. I often have to do unexpected things, even for myself.
You never have to choose between being the pure artist or the craven, sellout entertainer. You can be both.
Europeans invented art for the last 300 years, and the Americans kind of killed it with a big, huge rock. β€” Β© Chilly Gonzales
Europeans invented art for the last 300 years, and the Americans kind of killed it with a big, huge rock.
If you're going to point out the ridiculousness of a rule, it's naΓ―ve to think that you can break it. It's the same way that rappers have embraced capitalism. Some people say they liked it better when rap was a literal protest form in the '90s. But I think it's more a form of protest today, because it's telling the story of what happens once something forbidden is within reach. I think rap is more political today when it speaks about luxury watches than it does about fighting the power.
Being a mathematical genius doesn't do you any favors as far as having something to say in music. You see every style as equal, and you want complicated music to devour.
Without the piano, I would never have attempted to rap, because I'm a poor rapper. I'm enthusiastic, but it takes me a long time to write eight bars of rap. I would battle any pianist, and yet I would forfeit happily before even getting into a rap battle with anyone.
A lot of comedians today have misunderstood the concept of a subversive comedian. If you really want to be subversive, you have to please and offend in equal amounts.
It will lead many musicians out of the cul-de-sac they currently face. And those that do not understand will be cursed to make disposable music on laptops forever.
Harmony is the third element of music, after melody and rhythm, and also the one which requires the most study to actually master. People can be very instinctive and extremely gifted melodically and rhythmically, and harmony can still be difficult.
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