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China Forbes

China Forbes is an American singer and songwriter who has been the lead singer of the band Pink Martini since 1995.

Born: April 29, 1970

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Approaches Aria Authentic Calm Center Change Circumstances Daily Daily Life Discomfort Hide All Dramatic Earth Emotions Energy Face Fallen Feel Feels Fills Force General Goodness Growing Happen Harmony Heal Hope Important Inspiration Intention Issue Jumping Kind Life Listening Literally Long Lots Love Love Is Matters Mindful Minds Music Musical Musical Style My Soul Nothing Matters Opera Passes Patient People Planes Point Positive Positive Energy Present Push Range Reaching Reaching For The Stars Realistic Shooting Shooting Up Sitting Soaring Sooner Soprano Soul Spiritual Stars Stay Stop Styles Survive Time Times Trust Version Voice Wait Whipped World Worry Less More Hide All See All
I never know what will happen. I have fallen on my face - not literally, thank goodness! - many times. But I always survive. And I don't let it stop me.
Music in general and lately opera in particular fills my soul with hope and inspiration.
Love is all that matters. — © China Forbes
Love is all that matters.
Put positive energy out into the world. If everybody did that, we would be in harmony.
It is important to me to keep trying to push myself to try lots of new musical styles and approaches. To keep growing. It is my version of jumping out of planes.
I try to be mindful in my daily life, trying to stay more present and have more intention. It keeps me calm, and I feel less whipped about by my emotions.
I have gotten better at being patient and sitting with discomfort. Before I would worry and try to fix an issue and force circumstances to change or try to change people's minds sooner than was realistic. Now I wait and trust that everything passes and time really does heal everything.
I feel most spiritual when I am listening to a soprano voice soaring to the top of its range at the most dramatic point of an aria. It feels like a geyser shooting up from the center of the earth and reaching for the stars.
Nothing matters as long as you are kind and authentic. If you are, then you did your best, and that is all you can do.
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