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Chino XL

Derek Emmanuel Barbosa (born April 8, 1974), better known by his stage name Chino XL, is an American rapper, professional wrestler and actor. He has released four solo studio albums, in which his most recent – Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary – won the 2012 HHUG Album of the Year award

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Alice Alice In Chains Blind Blind Rage Blood Cage Chains Charles Chicks Colon Hide All Coma Coward Davis Dependency Died Dreams Drowning Evil Hard Hate Heroin Hold Home Husbands I Hate I Love You Inside Karma Leave Love Love You Machine Make Mark Matter Miles Parked Period Plane Police Pregnant Puts Question Question Mark Rage Rappers Show Soldier Steel Stevie Stevie Wonder Sting Straight Strong Swollen System Tendency Widows Wrestling Less More Hide All See All
I hate The Police so much I'd probably assassinate Sting, My System of a Down Rages Against the Machine. Tie you up in a Slipknot and hold Alice In Chains inside her dreams.
My karma's the comma that puts you inside of a coma, Hyphen, dot, dot, semi-colon, leave you semi-swollen. Question mark, you pregnant? Oh you're not? I love you, period.
I'm on a different plane like HervΓ© Villechaize β€” Β© Chino XL
I'm on a different plane like HervΓ© Villechaize
Evil tendency, strong like Miles Davis heroin dependency.
I make chicks consider themselves widows whose husbands ain't even died yet.
I'm from Jerz, the home of: "I could've swore I parked my car right here!"
There's so many gay rappers... They probably dis me cause I'm the straight one.
No matter how hard it gets, I’d rather be a soldier drowning in my own blood than a coward in my own piss
I show more blind rage than Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles wrestling in a steel cage.
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