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Chip Ingram

Ralph Browne "Chip" Ingram II is an American Christian pastor, author, and teacher. He is the founder, teaching pastor, and CEO of Living on the Edge, an international teaching and discipleship ministry. A pastor for over 30 years, Chip is the author of many books, including Culture Shock, The Real Heaven, The Real God, The Invisible War, and Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships.

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As you spend time in God's Word and understand his love, the Holy Spirit will create new desires within you to love and serve others like never before.
Many Christians 'stall out' in the faith when the call to total commitment is received or viewed as something too high or too hard to acquire...or they have never been taught that total commitment is Christ's demand for all His followers.
We need to love people with our deeds AND our words because sharing the Good News is a process, not just an event. β€” Β© Chip Ingram
We need to love people with our deeds AND our words because sharing the Good News is a process, not just an event.
God’s plan for you, whether you’re married, single, or about to be married, unless He gives you the gift of singleness, is to be in a warm, loving marriage relationship, characterized by open communication, a lot of hard work, deep commitment, setting boundaries, and doing it God’s way.
Christians are like teabags, you don't really know what they're like until you put them in hot water.
The cross is the greatest example of humility and devotion in the universe. Jesus put your needs ahead of His own. He considered you more valuable than Himself.
Love sticks around even when it has a lot to put up with.
To be smart, spend carefully. To be wise, save regularly. To be genius, give extravagantly.
Love is giving someone what they need most, when they deserve it least, at great personal cost to yourself.
I know for me, going back the person I've bad-mouthed or lied to is absolutely humiliating! But isn't it interesting that "humiliating" has the same root word as "humility"? Part of humility is taking responsibility for my sin and asking forgiveness even when it doesn't feel good. God wants to heal and restore your relationships, but it's not easy.
God gives us the ingredients for our daily bread, but he expects us to do the baking!
Research indicates that once an uncommitted couple gets involved in sexual intercourse, the relationship usually begins to end. They have reached the superficial end of the physical aspects of the relationship, and they have no particularly compelling reason to explore its depths.
Nothing breaks down barriers and preconceived ideas about 'Christians and Christianity' more than when we treat people the way Jesus treated His enemies.
As we get close to God, he is going to reveal things in our life that aren't pretty. We'll see the patterns of bitterness, anger, manipulation, and hurt that have cycled in our relationships.
The ancient path of communion with God is knowing what He's really like. And prayer is simply keeping company with God.
Remember that you are not called to produce successful, upwardly mobile, highly educated, athletically talented machines...Givi ng your children great opportunities is good; it is not, however, the goal of parenting. Christlikeness is. Above all, seek to raise children who look and act a lot like Jesus.
God always has and always will look for men and women who say to Him, 'I trust you so much, I'm all in. I want your way not mine. I am willing to live by faith!'
Hopeless situations are never hopeless to God.
There is a time to take a stand and there is a time to take your leave. β€” Β© Chip Ingram
There is a time to take a stand and there is a time to take your leave.
Let's help people get on board with what God wants to give them, but what we don't want is the process. Everyone wants the product.
Pray when you feel like praying," somebody has said. "Pray when you don't feel like praying. Pray until you do feel like praying.
Generosity isn't an act. It's a way of life.
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