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Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor is an American songwriter noted for writing "Angel of the Morning" and "Wild Thing".

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All Time Angel Back Blues Buzz Clover Extent Feeling Felt Flowers Hide All Good Honey Important Knew Lesser Love Love Stories Loved Main Meant Morning Oranges People Plant Powerful Question Right Back Send Stories Sweet The Most Important Time Very Good White Whites World Wrote Less More Hide All See All
To a lesser extent (they like) the whites and reds, but blues, yellows and oranges are the main bee flowers. Although there are very good white bee flowers - white sweet clover is the best honey plant in the world.
I could send myself right back to the day that I wrote "Angel Of The Morning," how it felt. I had a buzz through me that morning that was so powerful. I knew I had done something that meant something, because of that feeling. It wasn't a question of whether other people liked it ... I loved it. To me, it had to be one of the most important love stories of all time.
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