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Chloe Noelle

Chloe Noelle Schweikert, best known as Chloe Noelle, is an American teen actress, best known for playing Emma Garza on the HBO TV series True Blood.

Born: September 10, 2002

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I always loved performing! My mom said anytime there was an opportunity to get up and perform I would! I would volunteer to go up on stage at Disneyland when I was 2 or 3! I just always loved making people laugh or just entertaining them.
I was able to work with some really talented funny people! I was a fan of both Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson before being on the show and it was amazing working with them! My main scene was with Max and we did so many takes with different reactions. He is so funny! After ever take everyone was laughing so hard!
An actors real job is going on lots of auditions! When you book the job that's the fun part! — © Chloe Noelle
An actors real job is going on lots of auditions! When you book the job that's the fun part!
I really loved working on comedy. Most of my roles have been very dramatic and involved lots of emotional work and crying on cue. I do really enjoy those roles because you really feel accomplished at the end of the day but they are very emotionally draining! Working on a comedy show is just fun and at the end everyone is laughing! But I am open to all roles and genres just being on a set and being a part of the magic is what I love most!
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