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Chris Ahrens
Chris Ahrens
Born: 1976

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Even after rowing in all these pieces, it's often hard to determine who will be selected because the decisive factor in seat racing is speed not margin. Boat X beats boat Y by two lengths over 1000 meters in a time of 2:54. After exchanging "Dave" from X to Y for "Scott," Boat X beats boat Y by one length in a time of 2:51. From the rower's perspective, the result is that Dave beats Scott by a length. But in Mike's eyes, Scott beats Dave because on the second piece, X was three seconds faster-even though it only beat Y by a length.
I like the stroke seat. I want to be there. I want to have the race come down to a short distance and be the person to make the difference. I can't stand to be behind and I don't want to lose.
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