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Chris Eubank Sr.

Christopher Livingstone Eubank is a British former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 1998. He held the WBO middleweight and super-middleweight titles between 1990 and 1995, and is ranked by BoxRec as the third best British super-middleweight boxer of all time.

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I was a speed freak once. I had an Aston Martin when I first made it big and I used to take it to its limits. I once drove from Lewes to London in 45 minutes - mad.
It's the only thing that allowed me to win so many championship fights and allowed me to put up with the bigotry of the media, the keyboard warriors, the critics. I've endured it all because, spiritually, I am buoyant, alive.
I probably give 80% more to my children than my father gave to me and still it doesn't come up to scratch. I don't feel guilty about it. Do my children love me? I think that is self-evident. Will they have psychological scars? No, because they have a wonderful mummy.
I'm not bankrupt of fun, life, my dignity, my character, my essence. — © Chris Eubank Sr.
I'm not bankrupt of fun, life, my dignity, my character, my essence.
I am not a meathead.
Solitude is the companion of warriors.
I'm a good man and a bad fighter... I've got the gladiator in me.
I've became a coffee drinker since I gave up boxing. I also love to eat anything cooked by a Jamaican. Carbs like rice, yellow yam, Renta yam, sweet yam. Also salt fish fried with onions.
The people who have done it - I have been in there - a lot of people love boxing but they have not actually been in there, and haven't tasted the bitterness of a beating.
Michael Watson is a part of me. It's in my head, it's in my grain. There are scars within me. Therefore, those scars are what allows me to steer and protect other fighters.
The Watson fight was the worst beating I ever took in a ring, but I couldn't quit.
No one escapes the long arm of the law, they are a business, they are very good at what they do and eventually they will catch up with you.
When someone has speed they throw four punches to your one, you cannot beat them.
Most of the planet is covered with water, so there must be a clue to its worth in that fact.
I've tasted the bitter beatings. — © Chris Eubank Sr.
I've tasted the bitter beatings.
Money's just a medium. I am extremely wealthy in all other regards.
The reason why I'm such a successful pugilist is that no one knows my limitations better than me. I am quite good, but I am not the best in the world. But I am one of the best and I'm quite content with that.
My objective as a mentor, as a father, as a manager and as a former participant of the great game of boxing is to protect mine, but also the opponent. Especially if I can see things which I have experienced before.
I am a strong father.
Fortunately, I was technically skilled, so I didn't have to bludgeon people, I didn't have to batter them.
I effectively stood on the shoulders of a giant to make a little bit of noise myself. I'm a by-product of Muhammad Ali.
Boxing is the more dangerous activity from the rugby player's and the general public's point of view, but to me rugby is far more dangerous so I would prefer my sons to box. I love my children too much and do not want to watch them getting hurt. This is in no way intended as a criticism of rugby, which I consider to be a fantastic sport.
Boxing is a mug's game.
Broccoli is not as bad as people make out. It might give you wind, but I'd prefer to have wind and have good health. Health is the number one thing on the planet. However, I am quite partial to rum and raisin ice cream.
I went to a foreign land, New York City in 1982 and had no money, no respect in the gym. Everyone thinks you're full of it. The remit in those days was break his heart, get him out of the gym.
I admire rugged hard men who play rugby because it's something I would never contemplate.
Benn was brute force, wasn't he? But he found God when he was 40... and the only reason I beat him, was because I was brought up in the church. It teaches you to be calm to be objective and steady and the reasoning I used beat him - and he found it when he was 40. I didn't change anything: there is only one way, to be calm, gentle and true.
I beat many good fighters and many who were better than me and the reason I beat them was because I was persistent, I was willing to go through those pain barriers.
To be exceptional you have to be alone, that's the life of a warrior.
I am not a conventional man.
I'm a gentle, considerate, giving man.
When I say my family suffered for my anti-war protesting, one of the many fallouts was having to send my two sons to America because I couldn't keep control of them when the divorce happened... there are consequences for your actions.
I was sensitive, I was emotionally intelligent.
My father, who was illiterate, smoothed iron for Ford Dagenham and we'd get up at 5;30 A.M. to give him a jump-start. My mother was a nurse and part of the Windrush generation. Growing up in east London, we were financially poor, but rich in hope and dignity, and we were happy.
I am a sensitive, emotionally conditioned human being, and I have suffered racist abuse.
I am tough. I am relentless.
I've always been a giving man; it doesn't cost me anything and it's a pleasure to give what I know.
You play football, rugby, tennis. You do not play boxing. When a sportsperson is in a game, when it gets too much, you quit. But in boxing you can't quit. You have to be taken out.
At 19, I decided to turn professional and accepted my first fight for $250 at the Atlantis Hotel, Atlantic City, on October 3 1985. It set up my whole career and life.
I shouldn't be called eccentric. I should be called a normal guy. — © Chris Eubank Sr.
I shouldn't be called eccentric. I should be called a normal guy.
I don't drink in public. I don't swear on TV. All I want is for people to say Chris Eubank is an all-right guy.
I am benevolent.
My father never played with me. I can remember my father picking me up - once. I can remember my father telling me behind a closed door that he loved me - once.
Yes, I have spent. I have lived and had accidents. It's all part of life's wonderful experience.
To be accused of ignoring my roots is pig ignorant.
Boxing? She's like a woman. If you've never wooed her, never won her, you always look back wondering what would have happened had you had her. If you caught her and had a long relationship, you don't really look back. Do I miss her? No, because I've had her, I've moved on.
In accordance to the way that Benn speaks, he is not educated. Sure, he's educated to a certain extent, but under different circumstances he would be a bouncer on some door in the West End and he'd have three kids from three different women... I am a superior person to that. I have finer points.
I am always fully in tune with the interviewer, who is usually trying to make me look silly. My objective is quite the opposite during an interview: I never use my wit or my intellect to make the interviewer look silly.
I've prospered because of my father. I know I'll never be his equal, but I've prospered because I've honoured my parents.
Let me tell you, the jodhpur in the world of fashion is a formidable adversary to the trouser. It gives automatic swagger to anyone who wears them. — © Chris Eubank Sr.
Let me tell you, the jodhpur in the world of fashion is a formidable adversary to the trouser. It gives automatic swagger to anyone who wears them.
I moved to New York aged 16, and worked part-time in a Korean store in South Bronx selling groceries, bread and confectionery. I earned $10 and it was painful because I didn't want to be there. I also worked in Debenhams as a kid, and a Wimpy in Brighton when I was 20.
I want to enjoy the magic of the instrument which is my body.
However controversial Mayweather may be, he doesn't bring down the name of boxing. The fast cars, the jets and the money causes controversy but that does not bring the game down.
Obsession is a synonym for magic. Magic is a synonym for genius. It's a knack. It's an aptitude.
There's a correct way to succeed. The incorrect way is to do things incorrectly.
The feeling between two fighters is profound. We go places where normal people don't go. You smell a man's blood, it smells like rust. You get into a clench, you feel his strength, you feel his desperation, he feels yours. You're sharing this.
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
For lunch I like corned beef, white rice and fried onions, which I've eaten for as long as I can remember. My father used to make it; now, no one does it like me.
A lot of people think my head is flat.
I failed my HGV licence three times.
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