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Christopher Patrick Gibson is an American politician, author, professor, college administrator, and former officer in the United States Army. A Republican, Gibson served as the U.S. representative for New York's 20th congressional district from 2011 to 2013 and for New York's 19th congressional district from 2013 to 2017.

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When the people's representatives have to go on record and vote, it transforms our country. It is a full recognition that we are in a state of war.
I hope the EPA will listen to the many votes over the years in Congress opposing cap-and-trade and rescind that proposed rule.
Any attempt to single out Islam would be a violation of the Constitution. — © Chris Gibson
Any attempt to single out Islam would be a violation of the Constitution.
I'm against the president's health care law because I don't agree that it's going to achieve its goals. I believe in the goals.
While I have strongly and consistently supported the Clean Power Plan, and continue to do so, I cannot and will not support a proposal for a cap-and-trade system.
Intervening militarily would exacerbate - not resolve - the matter and, in the process, will Americanize the Syrian civil war.
What we need to do is have empathy and that ultimately, at the end of the day, it's a woman's private choice... I don't support federal funding for abortions, nor do I support late-term abortions.
Churches, synagogues, and mosques should be treated the same.
Legislation on Lyme disease, weather patterns, helping farmers, helping veterans - these are not partisan issues.
People are starving for truth and leadership.
The rural nature of our district relies heavily on the profitability of our family farms.
I don't believe in amnesty... What I have proposed is that we would come forth with a program that allows individuals to come forward and to plead guilty... They would have to pay a fine; they would have to go through a background check - some say learn English - and they would get learned legal status.
By training and keeping doctors in underserved areas, we're working toward a goal of increasing access to quality health care for more of our communities.
We know there isn't anything we can say or do that will bring their loved one back. What we can do is support them and honor their sacrifice by doing everything we can, every day, to make our communities stronger and our nation better so that we may be a people worthy of their sacrifices.
When mainstream Muslims defeat the Islamic State, that lessens the ability of the Islamic State to recruit and fund-raise. — © Chris Gibson
When mainstream Muslims defeat the Islamic State, that lessens the ability of the Islamic State to recruit and fund-raise.
If conservation isn't conservative, then words have no meaning at all.
You can distill deterrence down to two factors: capability and will.
My eyes are wide open... you serve in Iraq, your eyes are wide open.
Importantly, rather than being solely concerned with U.N. approval, the president must come first to our own Congress for authorization, and I urge him to do so. Finally, I understand the impulse to take action in Syria; however, I hope the president carefully considers this matter and resists the call from some to use military force in Syria.
This is what my calling is now. I'm here to try to help our party.
I believe in peace through strength.
The consensus of the founders was, we don't want no government: we want limited but effective government.
On the Agriculture Committee, I will be an ardent and strong champion for our farmers to ensure that they are treated fairly, particularly in regards to how their products are priced.
I had four combat tours, and I never saw death on a scale like I saw in Haiti. A quarter-million people lost their lives.
We can bring people together in an era rife with partisanship and divide.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the paratroopers I served with who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.
What my voting record reflects is constantly looking to improve the amount of resources we having going into research, development, and prototypes we have going into renewable energy sources.
It is in the best interests of my constituents and the country to repeal and replace the ACA, and defunding/delaying implementation is consistent with that approach.
I think people should be authentic and who they are. If that calls people to same-sex attraction and same-sex marriage, then they should be true to who they are, and I think that the world could benefit by more love.
Ultimately, for our family, the opportunity to spend increased time together, balanced with a return to academia, was one we could not pass up.
Part of being conservative is judicious conservation of resources, both man-made and natural.
This deficit that we have threatens our very way of life, and everything needs to be on the table.
Our potential adversaries are watching us, and they have seen what has happened to us... This is why we're dealing with a very problematical and troublesome Putin, and we're dealing with Iran in a very terrible agreement we had.
New York has been embarrassed by corruption and lags behind in too many important categories. We can do better.
My travels have made clear that people across this state - from every political perspective - are looking for a new leader in Albany.
The decision to use military force should always be one made with the utmost caution, with U.S. interests at stake, and with the consent of Congress.
We need legislation that encourages increased competition and tort reform and combats fraud, waste, and abuse. This would drive down health care costs, provide more 'bottom line' for our small businesses and lead to more private sector job growth.
Moving forward, I will be committed to building a stronger team so that the GOP can compete and win statewide in 2018, including the possibility of being a candidate in that cycle.
I look at the corruption in Albany and we cannot accept that. — © Chris Gibson
I look at the corruption in Albany and we cannot accept that.
Even with the approach that I take in Congress, which is to bring people together to get things done - many people describe that as 'reasonable' - I couldn't vote for John Boehner's re-elect.
As I stated shortly after retiring from the U.S. Army and first pursuing a seat in Congress in 2010, I planned to self-impose term limits.
Mary Jo and I have three teenagers who are in their last years at home. In addition, I was just offered and accepted a position with Williams College as a visiting lecturer on leadership beginning in February 2017, and anticipate accepting other academic positions shortly.
I thank the voters of Upstate N.Y. for this privilege to serve and pledge to continue to work tirelessly on their behalf in this final term.
In the five years from 2007 to 2012, we only gained a little over 1,200 farmers. Since we aren't going to stop eating, we have to reverse that trend, or we'll see even more consolidation, more corporate farms, or increasing food imports; none of that is in our interest.
The idea that two political parties can't come together to get a mission done is foreign to me - and unacceptable.
For too long, Gov. Cuomo has led with fear, intimidation, and bullying.
I came from a working-class family. My dad was in a union. I never forgot what it was like to be a private.
All too often, the conversation about appropriate and balanced environmental stewardship gets caught up in partisan politics. Yet, this conversation is key to the preservation of our great country for generations to come, as important as ensuring we have fiscally responsible policies to secure our future.
We should roll back Common Core.
Jesus's first commandment was to love one another. — © Chris Gibson
Jesus's first commandment was to love one another.
We have to reform the entire political process. It's got to start with leadership by example.
Too many upstate New Yorkers have to drive 30 minutes or more to see a doctor.
I want to drive down health care costs.
I will make the final decision on running for governor after my congressional term ends.
I think abortion is a settled issue in New York.
When you talk about peace through strength, what you're talking about is the concept of deterrence.
We have changing weather patterns, and we have climate change. This is the science. I hope that my party will come to be comfortable with this because we have to operate in the realm of knowledge and science.
When it comes to the SAFE Act, when it comes to rolling back Common Core, I recognize that I need Assembly Democrats to make that a reality.
Cap-and-trade is a dangerous policy fraught with the potential for significant corruption, and it would hurt my constituents and our economy by raising energy costs.
I will always remember the fear in the faces of the executed. That's the first day I felt the devil's presence.
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