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Chris Hansen

Christopher Edward Hansen is an American television journalist and YouTube personality. He is known for his work on Dateline NBC, in particular the former segment To Catch a Predator, which revolved around catching potential Internet sex predators using a sting operation. He also hosts Killer Instinct on Investigation Discovery, which documents homicide investigations. In September 2016, he became the new host for the second season of the syndicated show Crime Watch Daily.

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People let me into their lives, whether it's a tragic or victorious circumstance.
You know, I've had a lot of rewarding interviews. And, a lot of times, it's the connection you make with the family of the victim, or near-victim, or somebody who spills their heart out to you for the first time. And often times, it's somebody who's watched my shows and feels comfortable with doing it.
I owe my whole career to Howard Lancour. — © Chris Hansen
I owe my whole career to Howard Lancour.
No one's arguing that the Internet is evil. But talking about strangers is another conversation you have to have with your kids.
People can say: Okay, it's not the old-fashioned traditional journalism that took place in the 'Houston Chronicle' in 1975 - it's different. But that's also why newspapers are having a hard time staying relevant, you know?
It's not entrapment. Because the decoys never make the first move. Nor do they raise the issue of having sex. It's always the potential predator that does that.
I think the 'Predator' franchise has been great on a number of levels. When it comes to online safety for kids, and adults, I think we've raised awareness and created a dialogue that didn't exist three-and-a-half years ago. Clearly, it has resonated with viewers for a variety of reasons, and I'm attached to it.
There was only one investigation where some of the cases were not prosecuted. And that resulted from a disagreement between a police department and a prosecutor's office. The reality is some of the people who were in the investigation were arrested in similar stings later.
My approach to the story... is if you can get into a criminal's mind and understand how it works and understand how crime is committed, you can help prevent it from happening to someone else.
We created compelling television, and I think we exposed a lot of bad people who were preying on children. So if the old-guard journalists have a problem with that, then so be it.
I've done a lot of investigative reporting, and I've confronted a lot of people over the years, sometimes in dark, foreign places. But to do it over and over again in such a short period of time, it's emotionally and physically draining.
Clearly when there is a character based on you on 'South Park' or 'The Simpsons,' that is something that sticks with you for the rest of your career. But I'm fine with that.
I never knew before getting involved with these investigations that so much of this activity was going on. I mean, obviously there are chat rooms, social networking sites, and it occurs. I just didn't ever think it occurred at this level.
As a parent who is also a journalist, when I talk to the brother and the sister of a victim or the parent of a victim, I put myself in their position and imagine what would it be like if that happened to me.
When we did the first 'To Catch a Predator' investigation, law enforcement wasn't involved at all. Until after the story aired.
Every time I thought I've seen every possible scenario, something else comes up. You just have to be prepared at every level.
I am thrilled to join the extraordinary team at Crime Watch Daily. It's a perfect platform for enterprise reporting.
You gotta do interviews every day, and they don't end well for some people, but I've never had one end where I don't shake hands at the end of the deal, including with the predators.
The key to being a good interviewer is to listen, no matter how heinous the act that person has committed, you have to listen to them and ask the right questions to get the truth out.
There was a time not long ago when stories about Internet crimes were a tough sell for TV newsmagazines. Executive producers were wary because images of people typing on keyboards and video of computer monitors did not make especially compelling TV, even when combined with emotional interviews with victims.
You don't want to fall into the trip of doing a 'Predator' story every week for the rest of our lives just because it gets good numbers.
I mean just like the police don't tell me how to do the interviews, you know, we don't tell them how to do their business.
When we began, we used chatrooms on AOL and Yahoo! and nowadays, we have dozens and dozens of ways to communicate. Technology has improved - for everything from the cameras to the microphones. It's a whole 'nother playing field now.
Dahvie Vanity is on our radar here at 'Have a Seat with Chris Hansen' and I promise you I'll take a really good, hard look at it. — © Chris Hansen
Dahvie Vanity is on our radar here at 'Have a Seat with Chris Hansen' and I promise you I'll take a really good, hard look at it.
The buying and selling of women, girls and boys is a frightening modern day form of slavery that must be stopped.
This is reporting the way I like it... in the field, gritty and aggressive.
We never had a female predator surface in our investigation.
The first rule about security is that you never talk about security.
You have to be careful not to go overboard. How do you balance what is clearly great television with good journalism?
I'm honored to be a Juggalo, I really am.
Our duty as concerned citizens is to educate ourselves so that we can recognize and report trafficking to the proper authorities.
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