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Chris Hemsworth

Christopher Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He rose to prominence playing Kim Hyde in the Australian television series Home and Away (2004–2007) before beginning a film career in Hollywood. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Hemsworth started playing Thor with the 2011 film of the same name and most recently reprised the role in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), which established him among the world's highest-paid actors.

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You have the massive world that was created by Marvel, and then you have these very intimate actors around you. There was as much character work on this as there would be on a little independent film. So, I felt very fortunate in that sense.
Eating when you're not hungry and taking in that amount of food is exhausting.
We were living in California, and it just wasn't conducive for the lifestyle that we wanted with kids. Los Angeles is tricky to get around, there's paparazzi to deal with, and I had this feeling that I just wanted to move back to Australia.
My earliest memories were on the cattle stations up in the Outback. And then we moved back to Melbourne and then back out there and then back again. Probably my most vivid memories were up there in Bulman with crocodiles and buffalo.
I went from sort of trying to get work to all of a sudden being signed up for the next few years on something, and something of this scale with some of the best people in the business involved, acting and directing. It was a dream.
Growing up, my parents were my heroes, in the way they conducted their lives. — © Chris Hemsworth
Growing up, my parents were my heroes, in the way they conducted their lives.
Work all paled into the background as soon as I had a baby.
As kids, our experiences shape our opinions of ourselves and the world around us, and that's who we become as adults.
I actually find it harder to act in the scenes where there's not much happening, say having a milkshake in the diner. That is far harder to do than straight scenes where there's a drama going on and you have something to do.
I was filming 'The Avengers' when I got the call for 'Rush,' so I went from 215 pounds, which is how much I weigh when I'm playing Thor, down to about 185 pounds to be able to fit into the car. That was all in about four months.
As a kid, I loved any fantasy.
For me, life is about experience and being a good person.
I have seen 'Thor', yeah. It's fantastic. Being that close to something, it's often pretty hard to watch yourself, but the film in so many ways is so impressive that I was swept along with it like an audience member, and that's a pretty good sign.
Everything shifted for me after 'Rush.' It wasn't as financially successful as other things I'd done, but it gave me more movement, more options, more doors opening, more meetings. All of a sudden, it's, 'Oh, wow! You're an actor!'
My father and I are very similar and have a wonderful relationship, but we both stand by our opinions.
I have sporadic OCD cleaning moments around the house. But then I get lazy and I'm cured. It's a very inconsistent personality trait. — © Chris Hemsworth
I have sporadic OCD cleaning moments around the house. But then I get lazy and I'm cured. It's a very inconsistent personality trait.
Sometimes there is more exploration in the character for a villain.
Being a superhero is a lot of fun.
I hadn't read comics really before coming in to shooting the original 'Thor.' During that and beforehand, I read stacks and got my head around it all. We reference, especially when we were putting the script together before we started shooting, other stories.
People who put themselves on the line and sacrifice their own safety for the greater good and for others, and anyone in any profession whose concern is the welfare for other people instead of the individual, are inspiring and important.
It is often difficult to watch yourself onscreen, especially 60-feet high. As an actor, it is an uncomfortable experience.
I'm busier than I've ever been, but you can go through the lists of people who are bang up there one minute, and then just disappear.
For three years, I had embarrassing haircuts.
I'm for comfort, not for style.
Well, I'll keep on auditioning and one day maybe I'll go to LA and try out for films there.
My dad talks about the times when we'd play backyard cricket: If I got bowled out, I'd just refuse to let go of the bat and swing it at anyone who tried to take it away from me. I like to think that's been tempered a bit over the years.
I'm not into watching stuff I did last week, let alone three or four years ago.
I feel like I'm ready for any dangerous situation that might come my way, provided I have a hammer on me.
At home in Victoria, we have three dogs, Tosh and Lucy, they're half Blue Heelers, and then there's Torrin a little Maltese terrier. She gets more attention in the house than anyone else! Yes, I miss them a lot.
I got a film fairly quickly and felt like I was on a roll. I would walk into auditions sounding like Crocodile Dundee, thinking, 'This is going to be a novelty for them.' Then I realised that there are a million other Australians here, and I should just shut up.
I grew up in a culture of motorbikes. So I like racing just fine. Quite a lot, actually. That was when I was a boy in Australia. And I never really made the jump to cars after that.
I enjoy working on a movie that lets your imagination run wild, it's great to be a part of and watch.
I like to explore things.
I entered the work force cleaning breast pumps at a pharmacy! It was a part-time gig while I was at school... no interview required.
For whatever reason, we relate to anything godlike with an English accent. The English are very proud of that. And with anything Roman or gladiators, they have an English accent. For an audience, it is an easy trick to hook people in.
As a kid, you run around the house pretending to be a superhero, and now to be doing it as a job, I feel very lucky.
My daughter is full energy, like my wife and I, and strong-minded and has an opinion, like we do. And my boys, one's a bit more calm and chill, and the other is much more sensitive to things. You see this right away, when they're first born. One cried, one didn't, with the boys.
The more conflict and contrast you have with a character makes it more interesting.
I put the costume on and said 'It's not very comfortable, but it looks amazing,' so it's all good.
I'm lucky. 'Thor' has kicked off everything I'm doing, and it's been the greatest thing for me, but I am aware that I need to mix it up a bit.
Growing up I always loved films that transport you to another world and has things you never see in every day life. — © Chris Hemsworth
Growing up I always loved films that transport you to another world and has things you never see in every day life.
Not often do you approach a character where people know more about him than you do.
I was a chatty kid.
I'd like to think I'm a normal sort of guy, but go to my mum and she'll probably say, 'You know, Chris was always the daughter out of my three boys.'
Having a director who is also an actor makes for that very relaxed way of working and it's empowering.
You get the part, sign the contract and start to realize millions of people follow this guy and know more about your character than you do.
I get to stay active and that is my job at the moment, so I can't complain.
Working with Anthony Hopkins every day is a blessing.
I'd much rather put on weight than have to lose weight.
My dad works in child protection and he's spent many, many years in that line of work.
First time I looked at a Formula One car in person, I just stared at the cockpit, figuring I'd never get in there. The drivers wear the whole car like a tight-fitting suit.
I love that Viking era, but also they're a fatalistic people and that dictated their fearlessness in battle and approach to life. — © Chris Hemsworth
I love that Viking era, but also they're a fatalistic people and that dictated their fearlessness in battle and approach to life.
You come to America, and, if you do a big TV show, then you can be overexposed, or old, before you're new.
It wasn't until 'Thor' that I started lifting weights. It was all pretty new to me.
I can remember watching 'Lord of the Rings' and being truly regretful that I wasn't a being in that world.
Strong female leads are important.
I almost feel more anxious lately about, 'Here's your opportunity, now you've got to make something of it.'
Keeping an open mind is always important.
Here's your opportunity, now you've got to make something of it.
The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel.
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