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Chris Hondros

Chris Hondros was an American war photographer. Hondros was a finalist twice for a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography.

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One of the things I believe in is a sense of human nature. — © Chris Hondros
One of the things I believe in is a sense of human nature.
We share a huge visual memory bank, mostly through painting and other images in history. I think when a modern photograph taps into those, sometimes very subliminally, it makes people respond.
Sometimes in news photography and so on, the pictures are a little bit dry, and put on the page and just set in a journalistic way in front of you.
One of the ongoing themes in my work, I hope, and one of the things I believe in, is a sense of human nature, a sense of shared humanity above the cultural layers we place on ourselves [which don't] mean that much compared to the human experience.
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