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Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is a business executive and angel investor best known for co-founding several Silicon Valley technology startups, including one based on peer to peer lending. In 1996, he co-founded the online mortgage lender E-Loan, and during his tenure as CEO E-Loan became the first company to freely provide consumers' FICO credit scores. By 2000, E-Loan's market value was estimated at $1 billion In 2005, Larsen left the company when it was sold to Banco Popular. In 2006, he co-founded Prosper Marketplace and he served as CEO until 2012. Later in 2012, he co-founded the company Ripple Labs, Inc., which developed Ripple, software that enables the instant and direct transfer of money between two parties.

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Banks can send big corporate payments through existing channels or send a small payment through Ripple. They don't have to rip out existing infrastructure; they can use Ripple to make the transactions more profitable or more efficient.
Low-value payments are now possible. Now, Ripple can make it easy for Facebook and Uber and Amazon to make payments to developers in real time. It's online and completely global.
Banking now is like sending a letter: you send it, you don't know if it reached there. Ripple is more like sending an iMessage: you send it, and you immediately know. — © Chris Larsen
Banking now is like sending a letter: you send it, you don't know if it reached there. Ripple is more like sending an iMessage: you send it, and you immediately know.
Countless banks around the world are already testing distributed ledger systems in proof-of-concept trials.
You can hold your Bitcoin in Ripple. We want to be agnostic to any currency, whether that be a virtual currency, political currencies, or peer-to-peer currencies.
2016 has proven to be the year where the most forward-thinking financial institutions are actually using blockchain technologies for payments and settlement rather than as an experiment.
A lot of financial technology is foolhardy. Saying, 'We're going to kill banks. We're going to disrupt everything,' ignores some realities.
Bitcoin solved the double-spend problem. The key problem was payment confirmation without central clearing. Bitcoin's solution was ingenious but wasteful - it's fairly slow, and you can't put other things on it.
Ripple is redefining the way that value moves around the world, and today we're already enabling real-time, affordable international settlement between banks who have adopted our solutions.
We don't think the blockchain can do most of what's been ascribed to it. But we're entering the Internet of value - and that is very much underhyped.
We believe that Ripple will change the way the world thinks about and uses currency through universal access to a trusted, transparent, and easy-to-understand multi-currency financial tool.
We saw for a time that digital currencies were radioactive to banks, but that's not the case anymore.
A distributed ledger is basically a shared database that allows institutions to directly send and receive money in a trustworthy fashion without a middleman. As a result, we have the capacity to connect the world's payment systems for the first time.That's a big deal.
The Ripple network is a protocol. It's like HTTP for money. Users, merchants, anyone can use it for free without a license.
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