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Chris Mullin

Christopher Paul Mullin is an American former professional basketball player, executive and coach. He is a two-time Olympic Gold medalist and a two-time Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee.

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You practice, you prepare, just go out, and let it flow. Just go play ball. You have to go out there and play loose and play free.
I don't really differentiate from big-time college basketball to any other kind of basketball. It's basketball. It's fundamentals and defense and shooting - they're all the same.
It doesn't matter how tall you are. You have to carve out space and hold your ground. — © Chris Mullin
It doesn't matter how tall you are. You have to carve out space and hold your ground.
The basketball experience that I have, you can use in different areas, but coaching itself, you have to go out there and learn on the fly.
I'm the only idiot the that decided to coach in my family.
I think it's really important to have a vision of teamwork, team play, and unselfishness.
Spreading the wealth and giving other assistant coaches their due is critical.
The game changes when you play good defense and don't come up with the ball.
It's important to have an imagination.
I liked living with my brothers. It was cozy.
I think everyone would like to have that one guy who gets triple-teamed, and he throws it to an open guy, but there aren't many of those guys around.
When you have the smaller guards - whether it be 6 feet, 6-2, 6-1, or under - they're the most energetic, and they set the pace, whether it be shoot-around, practice, and in the game.
I grew up a Met fan. — © Chris Mullin
I grew up a Met fan.
I'm not going to jump over or muscle people. That's the way I've always played, the only way I know.
An opportunity to help a team to a championship would be very appealing.
I am forever grateful to St. John's for giving me the opportunity to hear Carnesecca Arena and Madison Square Garden roar again for college basketball and especially for our players.
I don't know if people understand - losing is tough.
Basketball's fun; it really is. Because I've done it all my life.
I have made some bad decisions in my own life, and people were there for me.
I always have a need to win.
My family's been coming to my games since I was in grade school.
It's pretty well documented that Coach Nelson has had a big impact on my life.
In the recovery world, it's a higher power that helps you. You have to turn your life over to something greater. Anytime I tried to control my life, I had screwed it up.
Ray Allen is one of the fittest guys in the league.
I belong to the Flatbush Avenue Fishing Club.
Shooting is a skill you can develop. It's repetition and confidence.
I don't envy these kids these days. Between Instagram and Twitter... the easiest thing is just take your phone off the hook, and you're good.
I feel good about the four years I coached at St. John's. It's a special place to me. My kids go there. I met my wife there.
One thing that we can do for each other is support each other. At one point or another, we all go through trials and tribulations, so giving your time is one way to help.
If there's a good player in New York City, he needs to come to St. John's if he wants to play the best basketball.
The past four years at St. John's University have been one of the most thrilling and challenging points of my career.
I will always support St. John's University in keeping our basketball tradition alive!
The very first time I went to Madison Square Garden, I went to see the circus.
The people I've been around who've been successful - be it players, executives, coaches - there's no substitute for a hard day's work.
I'm proud to call the Bay Area my home.
I always hate to pre-judge people. I like to find out for myself.
What you do is build your team around your core. Some teams have one main guy - not many, but some do - and you build around that. If you have a bunch of good players, that's another way to go about it - through depth, teamwork, defense, and fundamentals.
If you don't get better, staying the same is probably not good enough. — © Chris Mullin
If you don't get better, staying the same is probably not good enough.
I learned that struggle was part of life.
I would say this: no matter what style you play, at some point, the team that beats you, people are going to say, 'I guess your style doesn't work.'
When I reach the line, I just know I'm going to dribble the ball twice, and when I shoot, I know it's going in. I get there and relax. I've put more in than I have missed, so in my head, I know they're going in.
I'm in control of my life.
Sometimes a player can look like a million bucks on tape, but in real life, the kid can't play a lick.
I'd much rather have guys play with each other, have the ball moving, less dribbling, more passing, aggressive and decisive. I don't want guys looking over at me to call plays; I want them out there playing.
I poked Kenny Walker in the eye by accident. Every time I saw him, I used to apologize to him when I saw him in the NBA.
I missed big free throws. I had terrible shooting nights. I had games where I had 13 turnovers.
When you're a general manager, you don't get to see every single player, so you have to rely on your scouts.
I like to take the floor apart mentally. I like to visualize an opponent going for you. — © Chris Mullin
I like to take the floor apart mentally. I like to visualize an opponent going for you.
I just try to enjoy each day.
Obviously, cancer has affected my life, mostly everyone in the world in some level.
I'm not one of those one-man-gang type of players. I'm a guy who has to rely on his teammates, to play within the team structure.
New York - to me, it's the greatest city in the world, and it's got the most genuine people.
To me, you have to take your schedule and just take things one game at a time.
I think Isaiah Thomas has been a really nice player for the Kings.
Everybody's dream is to win a championship, but not everyone gets that chance. The only thing you can do is make sure you don't look back and have to wonder whether you did everything you could have done. I know I'll be able to look back and feel I had a good, honest career.
If you're going to preach dedication, work ethic, teamwork, unselfishness, and being part of a team to accomplish a common goal, you have to live it - you can't just talk about it.
Jay Wright is class personified. He wins with class, loses with dignity when he does, which is not often.
I guess I get the most notoriety from my shooting. But I like passing and movement, making the game easy.
I don't come in and break TVs when we lose.
So many things in sports are out of your control, so I really don't look too far ahead.
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