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Explore popular quotes and sayings by a British scientist Chris Rapley.
Chris Rapley

Christopher Graham Rapley is a British scientist.

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Appeal Atmosphere Audience Book Contribution Critical Each Individual Emissions Environmental Evidence Hide All Footprint Great Great Thinkers Human Ideas Importance Individual Insights Inventions Issue James Management Measures Opened Our Planet Our Time Person Planet Pleased Population Problem Raft Rational Recommend Reduce Reduced Reducing Size Story Thinkers Time Truth Truth Is Undoubtedly View Wide Works Less More Hide All See All
James Lovelock is one of the great thinkers of our time. His ideas and inventions have opened up new insights into our planet and the way it works, and the story behind them will appeal to a very wide audience. I am pleased to recommend this book.
Although reducing human emissions to the atmosphere is undoubtedly of critical importance, as are any and all measures to reduce the human environmental "footprint", the truth is that the contribution of each individual cannot be reduced to zero... If we believe that the size of the human "footprint" is a serious problem (and there is much evidence for this) then a rational view would be that along with a raft of measures to reduce the footprint per person, the issue of population management must be addressed.
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