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Chris Reifert is an American death metal musician, and one of the pioneers of the death/doom genre. Although his music is more death metal than doom metal, he is one of the first musicians that blended the two styles. He played drums on the Death debut album, Scream Bloody Gore. Since he parted ways with Chuck Schuldiner in 1987 after Schuldiner moved back to Florida, Reifert decided to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in 1987 he formed his own band, Autopsy. In this band, he played not only drums but handled the vocals as well. After several albums, Autopsy split up in 1995 and Reifert and bandmate Danny Coralles began playing in their side-project, Abscess, full-time. After Abscess dissolved in 2010, Autopsy reformed and is currently planning to tour and record new material.

Born: February 23, 1969

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I started getting seriously into music when I was a kid. 1978 was my big year. It just hit home. That was before real metal. There was Black Sabbath and that kind of stuff, but the real underground, hard stuff wasn't even around yet. It was cool to watch that happen and latch onto the next edge of things every time that progression happened.
Soccer matches in Europe have riot police. Metal is just people sloshing around drunk and sloppy and having fun, and there's nothing wrong with that. It is a great outlet for aggression.
I like whatever's good. Metal, rock, new or old - I don't care, as long as it does something to my brain. — © Chris Reifert
I like whatever's good. Metal, rock, new or old - I don't care, as long as it does something to my brain.
When I was a kid, before there were VCRt, my parents had a movie projector, and we'd watch Frankenstein and Dracula. I just always though that stuff was cool - creepy comics and monsters and horrific stuff. Music lends itself to that whole theme.
I've got friends in bands who seem like they're always on tour, even still. It may be in some people's blood. I'm sure some bands do it just to earn a living or for the experience.
That's what metal means to me, feeling that feeling when you hear something that totally turns you on.
I can safely say that any band with a sentence for a name, 6 members or more and carefully combed to the side hairdos are not metal no matter what distortion pedal they have for their guitars.
You can see it in people's faces, when they're into a metal band. It's cool to see that being passed on.
People get so upset about lyrics, and they're probably totally cool with horror movies. That doesn't really make sense.
I'm always interested in new things. I don't go seeking out every band I can hear because there are too many, especially now with the Internet. There's no way you can collect everything.
If it entertains you, cool - read it, listen to it, watch it. But if it horrifies or disgusts you or scares you, then don't listen to it.
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