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Chris Weidman

Christopher James Weidman is an American professional mixed martial artist. He is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he competes in the middleweight division. He is a former UFC Middleweight Champion.

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I think there's times where I'm introverted, and there's times where I'm extroverted.
I was living out on Long Island in Baldwin, New York when Hurricane Sandy hit. With the storm surge, the whole first floor of our house was under about three feet of water. We lost a lot of valuable stuff - sentimental stuff like pictures and Christmas ornaments. Nobody expected flooding that bad.
When I'm getting ready for a fight - when I'm in that locker room or I'm making that walk and I finally get to the Octagon - it's all spiritual. — © Chris Weidman
When I'm getting ready for a fight - when I'm in that locker room or I'm making that walk and I finally get to the Octagon - it's all spiritual.
Being the guy that ended the run of the greatest fighter ever will always be attached to my name.
Keeping my focus on what's important - inside the Octagon and out - is never lost on me.
I like to compete. So, any time I get to go live - which means go all out - that's what I like to do.
The thing about mixed martial arts is you have to know every single martial art in the world or you're at a disadvantage. So, there's so much to learn. I have to know wrestling. I have to know kick boxing. I have to know boxing. I have to know karate.
For me, preparation is all about the physical, the mental and most importantly, the spiritual. If I'm not spiritually in the right place, I'm a mess.
We bought a dog, and we financed it - a $1,400 dog. We had no money, so me and my wife had to put our names together with our credit just to finance a dog.
I didn't think I was much of a public speaker.
Everybody has a sinful nature pulling them at every turn.
The first thing I do when I book a fight is I go to the Internet and I print out a picture of the guy and put it on my refrigerator.
I really like Cain Velasquez. I like his pace that he puts on; he is mentally and physically breaking everybody he goes with. He's just tenacious and relentless. I like Anderson Silva, too. I like his style. He's very relaxed.
I try to have the same mindset in my practices as I would for my fights. — © Chris Weidman
I try to have the same mindset in my practices as I would for my fights.
I've never had anything. I just wanted to one day live comfortable. Like, be able to go out to lunch with my friends without being like, crap, I don't know if I can afford this bill right now. I shouldn't be doing this. That's all I really wanted.
I'll never be outworked.
When I started and first got to the MMA gym the guys would start and say, 'You're like the All-American kid.' It was because, I don't know, I go to church every Sunday, I got married young and I've always been an All-American in college having gone All-American all four years.
I wanted to be champion. I know fame comes with that.
I watch something in the gym, try to do it and may not get it. When I go home that night and my wife is talking to me and I'm not answering her, it is because I'm visualizing that thing I'm working on. I'll do that all day long. Before I go to bed I'm still thinking about it, and that happens until I can see myself doing it.
You're always trying to feel confident and to feel good about yourself, but what it comes down to is really giving up to someone else. Having faith.
Any time you're banged up, your body hurts, you don't really feel like going to the gym. That's when I feel like you really have to push through it. That's when you really make the leaps and bounds in your game. So, pushing through those days is never easy, but that's what gets you good.
It's a very tough sport. It's a fickle sport. The fans are definitely tough. But it's also kind of motivating.
When I've trained as hard as I possibly can through training camp and I come to the end, where my body is worn out and I'm tired, I know I'm ready to peak.
When you're so physically and emotionally invested in something - like you have to be in MMA - there's nothing like having your friends and family there to support you on fight night.
You don't wanna peak too early in training camp, but you don't wanna be out of shape or not to the point where you're able to peak. It's a science to be able to find the happy medium where your body and mind are at their best.
I've kind of grew to enjoy fighting legends that I got into the sport watching and admiring.
Getting hit is part of the job. You don't want the first time you're getting punched to be in the fight because there's a lot of shock and awe and you won't react well. I like to get hit in sparring. I don't want to get concussed, or I don't want to be getting knocked out, but I want some shock treatment to prepare me for the fight.
My training varies so much. There's no such thing as a typical day.
I wanna get myself in such good shape that no matter how much I push myself in a fight, I know that the other guy is gonna be a little bit more tired.
It's an entertainment sport, and we go out to entertain the fans, but at the end of the day, what really matters is your influence on others.
Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, some good old-fashioned wrestling and plenty of cardio. You name it, it's part of my routine.
I grew up in a rough neighborhood, so I fought a lot. Even when I was wrestling, if I lost a match, I always thought, That guy would never beat me in a fight.
I expect the worst of every situation, so if it does happen I'm prepared for it.
I have a Gracie background and a Matt Serra background so I've always used jiu-jitsu but it takes a while to reach black belt level.
From the very beginning, every time I trained for a fight, I didn't train to beat the guy I was fighting. I trained to beat Anderson Silva.
I'm open-minded and never think I know everything. I actually feel like I know nothing, and that allows me to learn on a different level.
There's times where you get the loud, crazy comments from me, and there's times where I say basic things, and stay quiet because I don't want to cause any drama. Sometimes I'm in the mood where I'm just going to tell it how it is, and have fun. And whoever doesn't like it, OK.
I struggle just like everybody else struggles. It's always a struggle in life to overcome temptation. I just try and get through it. No one is perfect. — © Chris Weidman
I struggle just like everybody else struggles. It's always a struggle in life to overcome temptation. I just try and get through it. No one is perfect.
I feel like anyone at middleweight, when I have a full training camp, I'm going to go out there and finish them. That's my mentality.
I think wrestling is the one of the greatest sports there are.
I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best.
You want to help people and make the world a better place in whatever way you can. I've tried to share the things I've learned, and for me it really is all about being a role model.
There's always going to be people talking so you just have to focus everyday and be the best fighter you can be in the Octagon on the day of the fight.
For me to be able fight in my home state of New York would be a dream come true.
I grew up taking the Long Island Railroad from Baldwin, New York into Penn Station and walking upstairs to Madison Square Garden. Those are some of my favorite memories.
I've been blessed enough to live some of my dreams.
Rankings don't mean much to me but I'm working towards being the pound-for-pound best in everyone's mind.
I've wrestled my whole life.
There's only so much you can control when you're fighting, so the things you can control - like your fight song - are pretty important. So you want to pick that wisely.
Training is my life. It's all I've known since I was in second grade, when I started wrestling. — © Chris Weidman
Training is my life. It's all I've known since I was in second grade, when I started wrestling.
As I got older, I lived right next next to the Long Island Railroad, so in junior high and high school I'd just jump on the train with friends and head to the city. We'd run away from the conductors, hide from them in the bathroom. It was just what you did.
My ultimate goal was always that I want to be known as one of the greatest of all time. The first step was obviously to be UFC champion.
I've beaten Anderson twice, then Lyoto Machida and now Belfort. I'll be proud to have taken down three all-time legends in a row.
When I was at 205, it was kind of weird eating whatever I want and not getting trimmed and not really being disciplined with my diet. It was kind of weird.
Winning the middleweight title was an amazing feeling.
I've been through so much damn adversity, I've had so much critiqued on me. From being the undefeated world champion to never really getting the love or the respect I feel I deserved when I was on top and then finally getting knocked down and then everybody jumping on top, trying to kick me while I was down.
When I'm spiritually in the right place, there's no stopping me.
If you get into the habit of cutting corners, they start to add up.
I remember watching Anderson Silva fight Dan Henderson at UFC 82. I had never really watched MMA, but I looked up to Dan Henderson. He was a wrestler, like me, but also a tough, powerful mixed martial artist.
I'll never underestimate 'GSP.'
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