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Chris Wyse

Chris Wyse is an American bassist and vocalist. He is best known for his performances with Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley, The Cult and Ozzy Osbourne. He is the vocalist and bassist for Owl, a band he founded in 2007.

Born: July 15, 1969

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Realize you can chase your dreams with just believing. Don't be afraid to believe in some magic; if proof not in front in of you, follow your gut. — © Chris Wyse
Realize you can chase your dreams with just believing. Don't be afraid to believe in some magic; if proof not in front in of you, follow your gut.
I fail all the time, but we are all just human and imperfect, but you know what's best for you, so follow your gut. That's probably my biggest life lesson, follow your gut.
If you feel something artistic, you need to get it out of you, do it. You gotta get out and play in front of people. You can't stay in the bedroom, get out sooner rather than later. Use your gut instinct.
On the road you have to be more organized. Also, a crowd's energy helps you focus. Nothing compares to playing live. You have to slamdunk whatever you're playing. In the studio, you can do things over.
For me, even my break time I like to pull out the bow and just go over a Vivaldi sonata and keep my head sharp, keep everything sharp.
I think you have to remember to do things for the right reason. Do the right thing, so you can be happy with all your decisions and happy with how spent time in the world.
I'm not a things person. I'm not one to keep much. I do have a small collection of picks from favorite musicians I got to play with, a collection of mementos. I'm kind of the opposite of a hoarder, as I try to get rid of everything.
Wherever inspiration comes from, it's like I'll hear a melody and chords, almost a rough structure of the whole thing [song]. I'll just hear it and chase what's in my head. The rest comes from jamming with band, improvising, seeing what comes up as well. I'll come up with it off the top of my head, catch it, sing and hum, and if something is missing, just jam, and that's the [songwriting] process.
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