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Chrishell Stause

Terrina Chrishell Stause is an American actress. She is known for her role on the Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, along with previous television roles as Amanda Dillon on All My Children and Jordan Ridgeway on Days of Our Lives.

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Even on casual days, wear at least one thing that makes you happy.
I just think the key is really don't put something on the Internet if you're looking for some type of validation. Only put it on there if you feel good about it and you want to share it.
I do a lot of styling on my hair, and my ends can look really sad. — © Chrishell Stause
I do a lot of styling on my hair, and my ends can look really sad.
You know, you work on things with people if they're not perfect - no one is.
I want to have fun and I love being successful and doing really well with work.
Dancing With the Stars' was such a family, community environment. I will always look back on this experience as one of the most fun, exhilarating things I've ever done.
The thought of dancing in front of an audience terrifies me.
I almost did a show called 'Celebrity Splash.' It was a high diving competition show that only ran one season because of all the injuries. I can't even enter the water without holding my nose, but I was between jobs and the money was tempting.
Some of my best memories are with my mom, dancing with her in the living room.
You have to be able to recognize those relationships where you have to realize the effort is not working. Let's just cut our losses and move on.
I think fashion should be fun! I love adding color and sparkle!
My style icons are Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively and Zendaya.
I have taken the steps to freeze my eggs. — © Chrishell Stause
I have taken the steps to freeze my eggs.
One of my dreams growing up was to be in a soap.
I know that my parents are with me. My mom's name was Renee Stause, and my dad's name was Jeff Stause.
It's not normal to meet somebody and then become wildly famous or become wildly rich and all these things. I don't, at the end of the day, think that those things matter.
Growing up homeless many times, it's always ingrained in me this fear that maybe I won't have a roof over my head or maybe things are going to be taken away from me.
I always saw myself doing comedy, so when I got the job on 'All My Children' it was not my thing - I had to slowly get into it.
Because of Murray State's size, I was able to receive more one-on-one time with my instructors and also more stage time. This isn't necessarily the case at larger institutions.
I've learned that the key to getting your makeup to stay and to look soft and pretty, whether it's blush or eyeliner or lip or whatever, is to start with a cream product and then finish it and pop it with a powder.
I only dance with my girlfriends when we're out.
Oprah is definitely a self-made woman and she came from being dirt poor, as did I.
The one thing from my childhood I wish would be brought back is 'Married With Children,' a reboot with the original cast.
My ex-husband, Justin, is remarried to someone I know from back in the day pretty well. And a lot of things made sense after finding that out. I wish them the best. I just, you know, it actually if anything, it felt good to know that. It felt like a little bit of closure.
My awkward phase can be summed up in three words: Clear. Braces. College.
I'm obsessed with peanut butter.
I love hearing songs that you can't help but get up and dance to!
You're gonna find a common theme among my favorite beauty products: I don't like those little sheer things. If I'm putting makeup on, I want it to do the job quickly.
I use two concealer shades. I have vanilla and light beige, and I use vanilla on my under eyes - if I have a spray tan, I'll use the light beige instead, it just depends on how light or dark I am. Then I use one shade darker on my face.
Most theatre students have to fight for stage time.
I love the idea of being able to be creative or be successful and have business and creative things and all of that and not have to choose one thing. I think it has really made me grow in so many aspects.
I try not to eat meat, but I'm not saying that I'm vegetarian or vegan. I love animals, so I try and eat with a conscience.
Once you know something wasn't right, whether it was your decision or not, now, you are where you're meant to be.
I don't think anyone ever gets married thinking that they'll get a divorce.
I love coffee. I definitely have coffee every day.
I've gotta say, daytime fans are the best fans. Everyone always says that, and it's so true.
Make sure you aren't sacrificing function for fashion. A great shoe has both.
There's a learning curve that comes with living your life on camera, but they want to tuck away and be unnoticed - as much as that's possible. — © Chrishell Stause
There's a learning curve that comes with living your life on camera, but they want to tuck away and be unnoticed - as much as that's possible.
Obviously, I don't really think my version of a Cha-Cha would actually qualify for a Cha-Cha.
Heartbreak is all the same.
Having now been on three different soap operas was more than I could have hoped for. Then going on to doing a movie and being on prime time TV, to my own show on Netflix - I couldn't have dreamed of what this has snowballed into.
You have to decide what is constructive criticism and what is just mean, because there will be a little of both.
I remember the first time I was an extra on a soap I was screaming I was so excited.
All My Children,' to me, was like a family... When I moved to New York I didn't know anyone, so these people became, like, my only friends and family for a long time 'cause we're working all the time.
We all know Cinderella had a rough start, so I really relate to her in many ways.
There's something about my love life being on 'Selling Sunset' or being on 'Dancing With the Stars,' I'm kinda putting myself out there in a way.
It's not normal to meet somebody and then they become wildly famous or they become wildly rich or all these things.
To kick someone when they're down is just something that you really should never do. — © Chrishell Stause
To kick someone when they're down is just something that you really should never do.
Give me soft, fluffy pancakes and I can get over anything.
I had a shampoo once where it was like, Okay, it's a great shampoo, but I hate the smell. I had to stop using it.
When life throws not-so-serious curveballs, sometimes you need to embrace it, and laugh it off with the support of your friends, and let's be honest, pancakes always make everything better.
Everything happens for a reason. I'm grateful for the twists and the turns, as painful as they've been.
I'm not a dancer. Never took a dance class.
What I love for breakfast is eggs. My favorite thing is scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese and pepper.
If I can take something terrible and try and put a positive spin on it, or, or, you know, inspire somebody else that might be going through the same thing, that's a good thing.
You work on it. You talk about it. You don't go out looking for greener grass; sometimes you have to water the grass that you have. And that's what marriage is. Sometimes it can be hard.
I hate things that work well but don't smell good.
Watching myself on screen doing a Viennese Waltz, I think, 'Ok, you're capable of doing more than you think.'
As long as something is fun and you're enjoying it and it's challenging you, then I'm there and I'm happy to do it.
I'm always networking, that's the name of the game.
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