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Chrissie Fit

Chrissie Fit is an American actress. In 2007, Fit rose to prominence after she was cast as the character Mercedes Juarez in the medical drama, General Hospital. She also played the roles of CheeChee in the DCOMs Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2, and Florencia "Flo" Fuentes in Pitch Perfect 2 and Pitch Perfect 3.

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I am kind of being a little selective in what I do, so it takes a little bit longer, but it's worth it in the end.
I remember seeing 'Pitch Perfect' and loving it right away. It's hilarious!
I'm Cuban. Both my parents are Cuban. My grandparents are, too. Although I have no idea where Fit comes from. โ€” ยฉ Chrissie Fit
I'm Cuban. Both my parents are Cuban. My grandparents are, too. Although I have no idea where Fit comes from.
I was invited to a dinner party by an ex, and I was convinced that he wanted to rekindle our relationship. I prohibited my friends from coming with me because I didn't want to make it awkward for them when he professed his love to me.
I would do a 'Pitch Perfect 29', where the Bellas take on the Spaniards instead of the Germans. All the girls would have to learn Spanish. I'll teach them!
I was afraid of the dark until I was, like, 15 and slept with a nightlight.
I was singing before I started acting. As a kid, I would always perform at the big family parties.
My family is very creative. My grandfather played the guitar in Cuba. My sisters, my mom and two aunts would do harmonies, so I would see them and think, 'I want the attention.'
My first song, 'Just Becuz,' was co-written by the awesome Baby Bash.
My grandfather left Cuba when Castro came into power and literally left everything. He had two suitcases and two kids and showed up in New Jersey and waited for my uncle to meet up with him. Imagine - there were no cell phones back then!
I am so proud of my heritage and of being Latina. I would most definitely consider roles in Latin America.
I don't feel the need to have to break out of anything or prove that I'm 'edgy.' Been there, done that mentality. I'm just ready to tackle on new projects that are challenging and help me continue to grow as an artist.
I'm super girly and like to wear skirts and dresses all the time.
I was teased up until high school about my hair, being short, my high pitched voice, and just anything you can think of.
I sang throughout school, and it was always my passion. For whatever reason, acting took the front seat, but all of the projects that I've been doing seem to have some sort of musical element to them.
I know a lot of a cappella groups, but none of them are doing backflips while singing, for sure.
Sometimes you need a good laugh, and then there are times when you need a good cry.
As a kid, I would do all of the plays at my school, and I was notorious for being in five numbers in one show. I'd go onstage, run backstage for a wardrobe change, and then go back out onstage. I'm always trying to do more than I should but when I got my lucky break (or whatever it's called), I was prepared because I studied and worked really hard for it.
Latin beauty means being proud of yourself and your culture; being sophisticated and beautiful; and embracing your complexion - whether you have light or dark skin - because it's gorgeous. We're such a beautiful rainbow of women.
I never thought I'd get [a 'Pitch Perfect 2'] audition because the film was just so massive. โ€” ยฉ Chrissie Fit
I never thought I'd get [a 'Pitch Perfect 2'] audition because the film was just so massive.
Wash your face before bed every night. Your skin will thank you - and your pillow too!
Because I also write, I really admire Latinas who are creating content. That's the next step. We can talk about seeing more Latinas on TV all day long, but it's about what we can do to make that happen. Women like Eva Longoria, Sofรญa Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, and Salma Hayek are producing a lot of great shows that feature Latinas. Those are the women who inspire me because they're not just acting; they're creating for the future.
For whatever reason, acting took the front seat but all of the projects that I've been doing seem to have some sort of musical element to them.
My mother would always say that we had to look very presumida, and I took that to heart. Latinas take a lot of pride in looking their best and that might mean putting a little mascara on.
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