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Chrissy Teigen

Christine Diane Teigen is an American model and television personality. She made her professional modeling debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010 and later appeared on the 50th anniversary cover alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge in 2014. She formerly appeared as a panelist on the syndicated daytime talk show FABLife (2015–2016). She co-hosted the musical competition series Lip Sync Battle (2015–2019) with LL Cool J and was a judge on the comedy competition series Bring the Funny (2019). Teigen has also authored two cookbooks.

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I act much younger than I am.
I feel badly for those girls who have to be so waif thin, doing those catwalks all the time because, luckily, we're going into a different time - that's what they're saying, at least - in we're appreciating a curvier figure. But to be honest, I couldn't be like an hourglass if I tried.
Kanye is so much fun. He's a wonderful person. What I love about Kim and Kanye is that I think they save their happy moments and their smiles for themselves rather than sharing everything with the public. And listen, when a camera is shoved in your face trying to take a selfie, you do not want to smile.
Garlic oil is one of my favorite things on the planet. You can roast 20 cloves of garlic in oil and use it in everything - you can even slide those soft whole cloves into a dish of hot mashed potatoes.
My day job may be exhausting, but cooking is my peace. My dream is to have a big family with lots of grandkids. And we'll get together every Sunday for a hearty dinner at our house, and we'll all live in flavorful bliss, happily ever after.
I remember making my own dog food and feeling very fulfilled by it, then by day four I was over it. — © Chrissy Teigen
I remember making my own dog food and feeling very fulfilled by it, then by day four I was over it.
There was once this viral photo of the Pope doing his Pope-mobile parade, and everyone had their phones up. But there was this one old woman looking over the fence so beautifully at him. She was totally in the moment. For me, then, I think there shouldn't be any phones at a Pope-mobile situation - or at a Beyonce concert.
It's funny because I want my teeth to be, like, neon 'Real Housewives' white, but mine have stopped taking to teeth whitening. When I talk to my dentist, I'm like, 'They can be that white,' and he's like, 'Veneers can be that white.'
A supermodel is kind of that first-name recognition, but I'm not quite ready for that super part yet, and I'm afraid that by the time I am, I'm going to be too old anyway.
Blogs are evil. Actually, the blogs aren't as evil as blog comments.
I love green juices - the ones that include lots of actual greens and don't include too much apple. Because those are just meant to be yummy, and we all know things that are too yummy aren't the best for us, unfortunately.
My big pet peeve with people posting food - and I love it when people post food - but my number one thing is when you're posting at a restaurant, and it's dark, like a date night, food never looks good. Flash looks horrible, no flash looks horrible. It's important to only do food photos during daylight - and it's all about color with Instagram.
I can't swim, and I actually hate sand.
I'm very neurotic about shaving. I shave first thing in the morning before a shoot, and if I have dinner that night, I have to shave again.
I've noticed that maybe my skin isn't as soft as it used to be when I was a younger. It's just not there anymore. I travel so much, and my skin gets so dry.
I love portobello mushrooms. I often say that if I were vegetarian, I would live off of these. Now, it would never happen, but it's still nice to know that they exist. So meaty, so flavorful.
My tolerance for tears is very little when you're beautiful and crying over nothing. — © Chrissy Teigen
My tolerance for tears is very little when you're beautiful and crying over nothing.
So many models have cool boyfriends.
My beauty tricks revolve around eyes. For the early morning shoots, I pop eye pads in the freezer the night before, and when I take them out in the morning they are already cold and active and are great under my eyes. I keep my eye pads right next to my red velvet Ben & Jerry's in the freezer.
I love dress shopping, and I love talking about the wedding food. That's what makes me happy. If you tell me to do a guest list, I cry. I hate it.
I did not grow up with a spatula in my hand. I didn't even cook that much in high school. I was busy being a teenager and doing everything that goes along with that.
Women, I love. It's amazing to me, because I am a swimsuit model; I'm half-naked. I just love the fact that women love me, and it makes me love them so much back.
I'm not an inspirational quote kind of person.
I've always been kind of uncomfortable just on the beach in a swimsuit. I'm never my most confident in a bikini on the beach, especially when you know people are looking at you, and they expect one thing because of what they see in the magazines, and you might not look that way. It's always been a scary thing for me.
I want more girls' nights, more dinner parties, more date nights, more nights on the couch with zucchini fries watching bad reality television.
I can cook really complicated recipes, but it takes a real talent to do the perfect egg.
I would not like to try any high stress job. Honestly, I wouldn't like something like a PR job. I can't diffuse situations.
Food is really important to me.
I would love four children because I have a very small family, so I want those big Thanksgiving dinners.
I always get to eat what I want because if I don't, I go insane.
I've always enjoyed things a little more chaotic than most people would prefer. I feel that I run well in chaos.
Making food is a wonderful way to spend a Friday night.
I don't like trainers, because we distract each other. We talk too much, and I get too friendly. I prefer classes instead. I love Physique 57.
I tend to treat everyone like equals. That is my downfall, though, because Oprah is Oprah, and Barack is Barack, and you've gotta come in with a certain level of respect and admiration and love while still having that respect. Look at them - these people are, at this point, royalty. I think I get a little too chummy.
I regret things all the time. I've never regretted not saying something. I've only regretted saying something.
Dieting is becoming easier and easier for me because I'm finding out things that I love.
I have to have breakfast, and breakfast has to be eggs, whether in omelet form, hard-boiled, or over-easy.
Seaweed sheets are my go-to for my salty chip cravings, especially wasabi flavored ones.
People are still under the misguided impression that models don't eat. Not sure about the other girls, but I do!
I love sashimi, mainly tuna sashimi. I will buy six pieces or so a day and just snack on them. Sometimes I wrap them up in my mini seaweed sheets.
I think of Kate Moss whenever I think of someone who did the bridesmaid thing right. They were all in different dresses, and I love neutrals. But it's so hard to pull that together. You almost need a stylist for it.
Men are very tough, very critical of me. I think they expect you to basically just be a picture. They don't want to hear you speak. — © Chrissy Teigen
Men are very tough, very critical of me. I think they expect you to basically just be a picture. They don't want to hear you speak.
Bachelor parties are for the married guys.
I'm not good at taking pictures. I can't give a good face. I crack up.
'Sports Illustrated' does extremely minimal retouching. Other publications, however... phew. They do a lot; I've watched myself be Photoshopped before. It. Is. The. Worst.
I know how I like my food. I like it spicy, salty, sticky, crunchy, juicy, oozy - basically any dish you know and love, jacked up to a bordering-on-socially-unacceptable amount of flavor.
I am not one to adhere to silly clothing rules. I love mixing metals, wearing a brown bag with black shoes, whatever.
I love eating sushi and eating raw and clean - no pasta and bread. Low carbs is what works for me.
My favorite fall meal has to be a simple roasted chicken. Ina Garten does a fabulous one. There is just something about roasting your own chicken and vegetables that screams 'fall' and 'home' to me.
I love dress shopping, and I love talking about the wedding food. That's what makes me happy.
I'm not an athlete dater, really. I would get too jealous. They're really gone all the time. Different hotel rooms.
My biggest goal in life is to not be annoying about being a bride. — © Chrissy Teigen
My biggest goal in life is to not be annoying about being a bride.
I've tweeted incessantly about Nintendo and my love for Nintendo for a long time.
That's one thing I get neurotic about: I need my soup to be crazy hot.
My mother's from Thailand, and they're very strict about girls in bikinis, but I would love to do a shoot in the floating market in Thailand.
If I'm going to eat fast food, I'm going to McDonald's. I don't need to pretend.
My spray-tan woman is amazing. She comes to my house at 10 o'clock the night before a shoot. The results are so brown, flawless, and natural. It's just weird because my natural skin color is very white, almost whitish yellow.
I hate the word 'moist.'
I tweet from bed. I love it because it's so quick. And it's funny. But it also leaves a lot of room for error because new people don't sense the sarcasm - there's no sarcasm font.
I love being at home and creating in the kitchen.
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