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Explore popular quotes and sayings by a Mexican designer Christian Cota.
Christian Cota

Christian Cota is a Mexican fashion designer.

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I'm a heel man. There's no doubt about that. I've always done heels for my shows, ever since the first in 2008.
When you are alone, you need to take many decisions, and you can make mistakes.
I wanted to paint with shadows and capture what light would look like in clothes. — © Christian Cota
I wanted to paint with shadows and capture what light would look like in clothes.
For me, it's very interesting to take one object and really dissect it to as many layers as possible.
Usually all I care about is how elegant or over-the-top the pieces are, it's nice to really get to understand what the customer wants and needs as opposed to just focusing on the aesthetic.
I just want women to feel beautiful.
When I was a kid, I loved figure skating. But in Mexico, they kind of push you toward hockey.
My mother and grandmother... they were my first muses. The way they dressed and carried themselves was an education in elegance. They defined the word.
I design for a feminine woman who appreciates art a lot, either as a profession or as a hobby.
I love presentations more than fashion shows. I love speaking to people and walking them through the collection.
Everyone wants to be a designer.
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