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Christian Friedrich Schonbein

Christian Friedrich SchΓΆnbein HFRSE(18 October 1799 – 29 August 1868) was a German-Swiss chemist who is best known for inventing the fuel cell (1838) at the same time as William Robert Grove and his discoveries of guncotton and ozone.

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Attempts Attention Baffled Call Clearing Clue Conductor Couple Developed Discovery Hide All Electricity Engaging Fall Forces Full Hero Hold Language Lead Lightning Long Long Time Make My Hero Mysterious Object Obliged Oxygen Passing Phenomenon Points Prisoner Profane Question Smell Speak Strategies Strong Subtle Succeeded Terrestrial Time Tricks True Water Years Less More Hide All See All
Oxigen [oxygen], as you well know, is my hero as well as my foe, and being not only strong but inexhaustible in strategies and full of tricks, I was obliged to call up all my forces to lay hold of him, and make the subtle Being my prisoner.
The phosphorous smell which is developed when electricity (to speak the profane language) is passing from the points of a conductor into air, or when lightning happens to fall upon some terrestrial object, or when water is electrolysed, has been engaging my attention the last couple of years, and induced me to make many attempts at clearing up that mysterious phenomenon. Though baffled for a long time, at last, I think, I have succeeded so far as to have got the clue which will lead to the discovery of the true cause of the smell in question.
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