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Christian Metz

Christian Metz was a French film theorist, best known for pioneering film semiotics, the application of theories of signification to the cinema. During the 1970s, his work had a major impact on film theory in France, Britain, Latin America, and the United States. As Constance Penley flatly stated in Camera Obscura, "Modern film theory begins with Metz."

December 12, 1931 - 1993

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Actual Aging Alive Aspects Authority Beings Belong Carry Castration Change Hide All Click Cutting Dead Death Definitive Different Ways Difficult Draw Easy Effect Explain Explicit Faithful Familiar Figure Figured Figures Film Forever Frame Importance Keeping Leads Linked Living Longer Loved Main Memory Mirror Moment Nature Nearer Objective Order Ordinary People Person Photographed Photographic Photographs Photography Practice Real Relationship Remarks Results Sense Shutter Silence Singular Social Symbols That Moment Time Total Understand Ways Witness Word Less More Hide All See All
The importance of immobility and silence to photographic authority, the nonfilmic nature of this authority, leads me to some remarks on the relationship of photography with death. Immobility and silence are not only two objective aspects of death, they are also its main symbols, they figure it.
Film is difficult to explain because it is easy to understand.
Photography is the mirror, more faithful than any actual mirror, in which we witness at every age, our own aging. The actual mirror accompanies us through time, thoughtfully and treacherously; it changes with us, so that we appear not to change.
The person who has been photographed, not the total person, is dead, dead for having been seen. — © Christian Metz
The person who has been photographed, not the total person, is dead, dead for having been seen.
I would say that the off-frame effect in photography results from a singular and definitive cutting-off which figures castration and is figured by the click of the shutter.
Photography is linked with death in many different ways. The most immediate and explicit is the social practice of keeping photographs in memory of loved beings who are no longer alive. But there is another real death which each of us undergoes every day, as each day we draw nearer to our own death. Even when the person photographed is still living, that moment when she or he was has forever vanished.
The familiar photographs that many people carry with them always obviously belong to the order of fetishes in the ordinary sense of the word.
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