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Explore popular quotes and sayings by a German writer Christian Scriver.
Christian Scriver

Christian Scriver was a German Lutheran minister and devotional writer.

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Acquiesce Alms Begun Bosom Cast Check Child Christ Christianity Complete Hide All Creep Cross Crown Curses Death Deception Delicious Dream Faith Fall Filial Force Frequently From Time To Time Gates Gates Of Heaven Give Give Me Goodness Grace Grant Greater Greatest Ground Hands Heart Heaven Hell High Hold Holy Holy Spirit Honor Induce Inform Jesus Lead Learned Learning Length Life Life And Death Life Is Locks Lord Lord Jesus Love Master My Life My Time Obey Offspring Place Pleased Poverty Praise Progress Reach Reason Remind Reverence Riches Rise School Self-Deception Self-Love Shut Sight Spirit Strive Stumble Stupidity Support Support Me Suspicion Tears Thee Thine Things Thou Thou Art Three Things Time To Love Toss Walk Weaknesses Wealth Wear Whatsoever Wilt Wisdom Withhold Word Work Worldly Worldly Wisdom Your Child Less More Hide All See All
The whole of Christianity is comprised in three things--to believe, to love, and to obey Jesus. These are things, however, which we must be learning all our life.
My God, help me always resolutely to strive, and, through life and death, to force my way unto Thee.
My God! my time is in Thine hands. Should it please Thee to lengthen my life, and complete, as Thou hast begun, the work of blanching my locks, grant me grace to wear them as a crown of unsullied honor.
God has given you your child, that the sight of him, from time to time, might remind you of His goodness, and induce you to praise Him with filial reverence. — © Christian Scriver
God has given you your child, that the sight of him, from time to time, might remind you of His goodness, and induce you to praise Him with filial reverence.
It is self-love and its offspring self-deception, which shut the gates of heaven, and lead men, as if in a delicious dream, to hell.
O, my God! withhold from me the wealth to which tears and sighs and curses cleave. Better none at all than wealth like that.
If he who has little wit needs a master to inform his stupidity, he who has much frequently needs ten to keep in check his worldly wisdom, which might otherwise, like a high-mettled charger, toss him to the ground.
The greatest art in life is to believe in Christ. That art is learned only in the Holy Spirit's school.
Never have I greater reason for suspicion that when I am particularly pleased with myself, my faith, my progress, and my alms.
My God, give me neither poverty nor riches; but whatsoever it may be Thy will to give, give me with it a heart which knows humbly to acquiesce in what is Thy will.
Well, then, Lord Jesus! I will creep if I cannot walk; I will take hold of Thy word. When I stumble, Thou wilt support me; when I fall, Thou wilt hold out Thy cross, and help me with it to rise again, until at length I reach the place where Thou art, and with all my weaknesses and wants, cast myself into Thy bosom.
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