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Christian Siriano

Christian Vincent Siriano is an American fashion designer and member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Siriano first gained attention after winning the fourth season of American design competition show Project Runway in 2007, becoming the series' youngest winner. He launched his namesake "Christian Siriano" collection in 2008, which brought in revenue of over $1.2 million by 2010 and was estimated to have reached $5 million by 2012.

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I'm going to have some fabulous nights out with champagne.
I came from a different world from other designers because I already had such a strong fan base that was interested in fashion. You have to give the little divas something.
Michelle Obama is not an average, 'It girl' woman, and I think that's why she's so fabulous. — © Christian Siriano
Michelle Obama is not an average, 'It girl' woman, and I think that's why she's so fabulous.
I'm really not into casual clothes for a cocktail party. I like to see fun people, having fun, in fun clothes.
I think I was very young when I became interested in fashion.
I'd rather buy clothes than buy a bed.
Working in a salon, you look at trends all day long. You're looking at color all the time, what new products are coming out. You're a part of the fashion industry, especially if you're working in a higher-end salon.
Now, with social media, it's a whole different world, which is good and bad. Back when I was in college, when there was no Twitter, no one knew what Vera Wang looked like - there was no face to the brand.
I am confident and I work so hard to be confident. If I wasn't talented, then I wouldn't be as confident.
I've dressed what fashion thinks of as the 'It' girls like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, but I also just love people like Kathy Bates and Leslie Jones.
I'm not a fan of underdressing, I think it's better to be overdressed than underdressed.
Lizzie Olsen and I are good friends, and she's amazing.
There's no one piece everyone should avoid, but obviously there are some things that don't fit the right way on everyone.
Women are wanting to wear my clothes not only because they're great clothes but because of what we represent. — © Christian Siriano
Women are wanting to wear my clothes not only because they're great clothes but because of what we represent.
My woman, the person who's buying the clothes, is from all walks in life. She's from different countries and cultures. She's going to be different sizes.
There are a ton of A-list stars I'd love to dress - fashionistas like Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson. Also, Cate Blanchett would be fun and fabulous. My picks vary by the day and how I'm feeling. But, as a new, young designer, I'm open to working with everyone!
In the beginning, my first clients were Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, and all different types of women.
Fashion is not superficial; it is a dynamic tool to transform oneself, and it can be used to command the attention of those around you.
I hate the terminology of 'costume' because my clothes are not costumes at all. I think they're high fashion, avant-garde, and more couture, definitely, and yes, some of my pieces are not particularly wearable, but I wouldn't say they're costumes, I'd say they're more couture.
Shoes are a big part of your look. I think that if your outfit isn't really something special, then fun footwear is a great way to jazz it up and make your ensemble more interesting.
To be honest, I knew nothing about fashion at all. When I decided to go to college, I just wanted to do something different.
Everything I wear is a do and everything else is a don't!
For me I'm a luxury brand trying to prove to people and the industry that it's not about being a TV celebrity in any which way, it's about being a designer and having a business and being successful at that.
I think, more and more in fashion now, diversity is so important because that's what the customer is.
You can wear whatever, be whatever, do whatever you want.
I think a lot of women aren't really sure about their bodies, so they don't always get their fit right, whether it's too tight and too sexy or way oversized and doesn't show figure at all.
I'm young and I have a lot of experience and I learn quickly.
My name is out there right now. I'm creative and innovative. I should capitalize on it.
Christina Hendricks is still one of my favorite people to dress because she has this old Hollywood, vintage quality to how she likes to get ready.
I Google everyone I meet and I look up designers.
I want to have my own line and collection.
I just think it's great to show a gown that's $8,000 and a shoe that's, like, $25 - but still look fabulous together.
It was something I was more interested in myself. When I went to see my sister dance at ballet, I was really into costumes and the arts, and my family was also supportive of whatever me and my sister wanted to do. I would say I pushed myself the most to be into design.
I am around ladies' clothing all day long, and I get real sick of clothes.
Well I am from Annapolis Maryland. I went to High school in Baltimore, but I grew up in Annapolis. It was a cute town. We lived on a waterfront community. It was good, even though I don't really fit the preppy boater kind of style.
My first retailer was Saks Fifth Avenue. I didn't even know how to ship a box to a retailer. Like, how do you pack it? How do you send it to make sure it gets on the floor? You figure it out as you go along.
We sell in Moda Operandi, which, if you don't know what it is, it's a beautiful luxury site that does pre-trunk shows for designer collections. We got them to change their algorithm online to go up to a size 24.
I hate hearing from anyone ever saying, 'Oh, you only make clothes for models. That's so annoying,' because it just never, never is the case. Our top-selling size is probably a 12.
That's how I started. I moved to New York City, and I was a makeup artist. — © Christian Siriano
That's how I started. I moved to New York City, and I was a makeup artist.
A bad investment is going for quantity over quality. If you're trying to be careful with your wallet, especially with the economy right now, you have to choose staple pieces.
There are still places to go, there are still dinners, there are still parties, and you can still get dressed up. That's part of having fun in fashion.
If you book the same models that look and act the same in every show - I get the continuity, and it is beautiful to see, but there's also no life to it. I'm personally not a fan of that.
The thing is, if you're a designer, then you want to constantly push yourself and your designs.
Fabrics and lining make a big difference in the garment. If you're buying an expensive trench coat, and it's lined in something cheap, it doesn't feel as nice.
We have dresses that I actually think look better if you have more of a bust or more of a hip... or whatever it is. That's why, in a collection, it should be as diverse as you can be. I think there should be options for a lot of different types of bodies and women.
I don't really buy expensive clothes. I love good bags!
When you're an adult designer, you're either running a business, or you're helping someone else's business run. Either way, that's a lot of pressure.
I think the "trick" is you have to really want to do it. You're embracing more of the world. Which is great. We're all in the world together, you know? And the models in the show who are "plus size," they're not in a special place, they're not wearing differently styled outfits. They're just beautiful girls who are in the show, like normal. Everything's normal. That's how it should be!
These kids are more savvy. They know what people are wearing instantly. It's brutal. We're the ones sending the dresses and we can barely keep up; these kids see it before we do. So we know they're plugged in. Now they can forget that for a few hours. Just go big with ideas! Experiment!
When Gwyneth Paltrow wore a dress of ours, that was probably our number one best seller besides when the lovely Mrs. [Michelle] Obama wore our dress. — © Christian Siriano
When Gwyneth Paltrow wore a dress of ours, that was probably our number one best seller besides when the lovely Mrs. [Michelle] Obama wore our dress.
The thing is, if you're a designer, then you want to constantly push yourself and your designs. When we make a new collection, we're changing shapes, we're changing patterns. We get a dress on a model, and it's our first time seeing what the dress really looks like on a woman's body.
We have a lot of different girls on the runway today! All different sizes.
I think that red polka red dress is just iconic.
We found the time and we put in the effort because being a label that different women can wear is really important to us.
The bows, the polka dots, the color, the playfulness - you don't have to over do it. You just have to be able to style it in the right way.
Our girl's going to Capri for fun. We've got an Italian island vibe.
I think everybody needs a little bit of Minnie in their wardrobe.
You've got to look at the timing. But Mrs. Michelle Obama. Gwyneth Paltrow. Zendaya. Those are women who inspire other women's style for sure.
I'd rather buy clothes then buy a bed
I've been really into a light, bright playfulness that's been missing. I looked at these '60s and '70s photos of Jackie O. She went to Capri every summer, but she was always a little more playful, a little more colorful, than she was in 'normal' life. And it was exciting to see her a little bit "off duty." The colors are from awning stripe umbrellas, from a really clear ocean, and from ripe citrus.
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