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Christie Hefner

Christie Ann Hefner is an American businesswoman and activist. Hefner was chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises from 1988 to 2009, and is the daughter of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

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I'd guess that 80 percent of the people who work for Playboy are feminists.
Most people sell stock to pay taxes, but I didn't want to sell any stock.
I would like to see both parties aggressively compete for the women's vote and talk about what they will do to unleash the economic power of women, to protect women's health, to provide the right policies that provide for real family stability and real family values.
Some, but much of my money is tied up in Playboy stock. — © Christie Hefner
Some, but much of my money is tied up in Playboy stock.
In college, my big money memory was saving up to buy a car with my boyfriend, whom I lived with.
Try not to be either intimidated by or a captive of jargon. Even though it's language, and language is about communication, it often exists actually to obfuscate and to control power and not to communicate.
The very first stock I bought right out of college was Berkshire Hathaway.
I experienced no conflict between my mother and father, which was entirely due to my mother's compassion, intelligence, and maturity.
I'm not much of a 'road not taken' person.
I've had this conversation with friends who have had challenging relationships with one or another parent. The only thing I can say is what I feel: The other person isn't going to change. That is who they are.
It's important not to limit the amount of their own money that candidates can spend, but to give other people access to enough money to run competitive races.
From the time that I can remember, I worked to make money - either baby-sitting, or one year wrapping gifts at a department store at Christmas, so I could have my own money.
But maybe because the dot-com world gives people positions at a younger age, and many women are prominent in this business, it will help change the view about who can run big companies.
We should all miss bookstores. They let you discover things. — © Christie Hefner
We should all miss bookstores. They let you discover things.
I like dressing sexy, and I like having a good time.
I'm basically a gift-giver.
I think in terms of what I am able to accomplish and build.
We're fortunate in my family because we really have three families: my brother, David, and me; the two boys, Cooper and Marston, from my dad's second marriage; and my dad's wife, Crystal.
I never thought I was going to go to work for my father's company.
Well, I grew up around the magazine and was part of a generation that was embracing our sexuality.
I don't know what a world would be like if you do away with sexy images.
Women would all be better off if we realized we didn't have to choose between being an intelligent being and a sexual being.
Any brand that attempts to live off a retro appeal is only going through a short second life cycle.
I don't think about financial success as the measurement of my success.
I never intended to go into the family business. I've always been drawn to wanting to do something else at some time in my life.
No, I never thought about my father's money as my money.
Half of my employees are women.
I had an allowance, but I had to do things around the house to earn it. I think I always wanted my own money.
With someone who is genuinely abusive or a bad person, you should just get out of town. But if they're being the best person they know how to be, then you have to decide if there isn't much there you can love and not become consumed with what they're not able to give you.
I don't think you can know too many smart people. I don't think you should ever stop meeting people.
Actually, my parents were separated by the time I was about 2 years old.
I had higher math SATs than in English - yet I became an English major in college.
My mother thinks I could have even run a larger company.
Not only did I enjoy the creative side of Playboy and enjoy being surrounded by people who are curious about life, but I also love the analytical and hard business side of it.
I expected to go into journalism or law.
I think in the '80s, we certainly wrestled with what was the role of 'Playboy Magazine' in a post-sexual revolution, post-feminist world.
I know what the attitudes of the readers are: These are guys who love women and respect women.
Billy not only had a distinguished career in the Legislature, but he also has great business instincts and has done exceedingly well making investment decisions in both stocks and private ventures such as real estate.
Relationships between men and women have become much more complicated. — © Christie Hefner
Relationships between men and women have become much more complicated.
We don't fight about money... I hate to see people fight about money.
What's funny in Italy may not be funny in Spain.
If you ever get to a point where you stop learning, you will find your professional options and your personal satisfaction severely curtailed.
I think this country is growing up a little bit.
It's mutual respect and love that are important, not a wedding.
I'm certainly proud of the transformation of Playboy from a magazine to a multimedia corporation.
Being a CEO still means sitting across the table from big institutional investors and showing your leadership and having them believe in you.
I've lectured at the Harvard Business School several times.
I developed a great sense of self-confidence when I was very young.
I think I've established my own identity here at Brandeis. — © Christie Hefner
I think I've established my own identity here at Brandeis.
I defend the right of almost everything to be published... because I think that you're better off in trusting the marketplace than allowing other people to make that decision.
Before I went to work for 'Playboy,' I planned to apply to Yale to get a public policy master's. I felt drawn to go into politics. Even before that, my dream was to wind up either in the Senate or on the Supreme Court. I had big dreams as a little girl.
Even though money seems such an objective topic, it can also be the most intimate, and possibly harmful, part of a relationship.
I have invested in the stock market since I was very young.
I came to Playboy not expecting to stay. But after five years, I found myself really enjoying the business world, and I realized I had some skill.
It's so deeply disturbing to me that half of the eligible voters don't vote in this country. We talk about how divided the country is. The truth is, we don't even know. We just know what the half that voted thought.
I'm surrounded by very powerful women and very progressive men.
I prefer tailored clothes. I always have. But I find that whatever I wear, people see it as charged with symbolic meaning.
In any endeavor, you have to understand your tolerance for risk. What's a failure you can afford?
I never have to this day, because my money is the money I earn.
Honestly, in retrospect, it probably was a little easier being an adolescent and not having people immediately know that Hef was my dad.
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