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Christina Milian

Christine Marie Flores, better known as Christina Milian, is an American singer, actress, and songwriter. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, but raised in Maryland, she signed a contract with Murder Inc. Records at the age of 19. In 2001, Milian released her self-titled debut album, which featured the singles "AM to PM" and "When You Look at Me"; the former charted within the Top 40 of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and both peaked in the top three on the UK Singles Chart. In 2004, Milian released her second studio album It's About Time, which provided her first major U.S. hit, "Dip It Low", which reached number five on the U.S. Billboard chart. "Whatever U Want" was released as the album's second single. Both singles charted within the Top 10 of the UK chart.

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I think chatbots are the future of engagement between a fan and a brand or celebrity.
Growing up, I had an internal struggle with my body because I was really chubby. My sisters were younger, and they were all skinny and all cute. As a teen, I definitely had, like, an extra 30 pounds of weight.
I have to have a little bit of time to myself right before whatever it is that I have to do because most of the time I'm sitting in my head convincing myself to calm down, all right, show down.
Shoutout to Latinas! You've been great at supporting me, and I appreciate you! — © Christina Milian
Shoutout to Latinas! You've been great at supporting me, and I appreciate you!
This pro football player once sent me 100 teddy bears, asking me to fly to one of his games and go to dinner. I didn't do it - it was just too weird.
My biggest lesson I've learned about love is to keep on loving. Love is love; it's amazing. It's fine. It hurts. It's probably one of the best experiences in life.
I've always loved 'Umbrella.' Funny enough, my ex-husband wrote that, and I'm not saying it was meant for me or anything - people will start twisting this - it is Rihanna's song! But I've always loved it.
I enjoy my fun time and everything like that but I love what I do.
Living in Maryland, I saw that the opportunities were far greater in California than back home.
I did a theatrical musical, Annie Warbucks, when I was 11. We did a tour and we stopped by Los Angeles.
The only thing that I stress out about is, how am I going to make sure that I balance out my time for motherhood?
Lil Wayne and I are really close. We have a really close, personal relationship, and I really like him a lot. We have a great chemistry.
There hasn't been one highlight that stands out... but touring and performing has been great.
I would love to do some kind of mystery movie, or an action flick, something with that combination. — © Christina Milian
I would love to do some kind of mystery movie, or an action flick, something with that combination.
I felt like a dork growing up so this is shocking.
I would just love to do something where I'd have to train and work really hard and do one of those types of action movies, which a lot of women are doing now.
I signed to Def Jam and within two months, I heard that Ja Rule was looking for someone to do a song with.
I am not greedy, so I would gladly give a song to someone else to sing if it makes more sense.
You have to be a strong person to be in music, especially.
I'm a fan of Rihanna. I have all her albums. I love her music; she's a great performer. We've both gone on to great things. It's all love.
When I go home, I still have to clean my room; I still have to do the dishes. We have somebody come every now and then to do that stuff, but my mom still makes me clean before she comes.
Even if I don't have the money to take vocal lessons, I'll practice in the house by myself singing out loud.
Social media has allowed fans and celebrities to really engage and have an organic interaction with each other. Ever since I've had the opportunity to use social media, all the way back to the days of chat rooms, I found I was able to really understand what the fans wanted, communicate with them, and share my lifestyle.
If there's an inkling of abuse, I have to move on. Even jealousy - seems cute it first, but if they're getting in my head, it's not right for me. It's okay to be alone. It's okay to be single. The right thing will come along.
My advice to someone to follow in my footsteps is to have patience. I've been doing this for twelve years.
I feel like if you don't put too much expectations and too much high hopes into things, everything will fall into place.
The will to never give up and to be fearless. That's what I have.
I like a family guy. He must be fun, must like to go out, and has to respect his mom... my family is very important, so it should be likewise for him.
I just got tired of waiting for things to happen through other people when so many other people are taking chances on following their dreams.
Well, Tommy Lee Jones is a little bit more intimidating. He's definitely a cowboy. He's from Texas.
But people who do not know me are surprised to see me as a real person I guess.
I also have two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier, so if they like him, that's a good sign.
I am also a hard worker and people are sometimes surprised to see that as well.
Violet is my everything. She's the sweetest little girl in the whole world. She inspires me. I'm glad that we have such a close relationship because she makes me laugh and shows me how great life can be every day.
Every little thing I've done so far has been a dream of mine, and I've been able to accomplish it. It's still a dream every day.
Being in the music business is a totally different industry right there.
I have always been a multitasker when it comes to my career; I've been an actress, a singer and everything because I love to do what I do.
Even in relationships, I don't get my hopes up or anything, especially not right now because I know I'm young and I've got plenty of time later in the future.
For one year I did go to Performing Arts School, and I had very weird friends. — © Christina Milian
For one year I did go to Performing Arts School, and I had very weird friends.
I'm not too hard on myself about dieting and exercise. Some stars are a little too bony for me. What happened to the booty?
I like doing arts and crafts, so I would probably go to one of those fun little ceramic places and go paint some plates and do something fun like that.
The actors I would like to work with are Julia Roberts, just because I've admired her work for a long time, well Brad Pitt. I think you know my reasons.
When I meet somebody, I hang out with them, and it's all good, but I don't take it too seriously.
Violet speaks Spanish and understands it. She loves Cuban food! My mom is very good at teaching her about our culture, whether it be the food or Spanish or explaining to her that she's Cuban.
That's the greatest thing: an experience you can grow from.
I go in full with my heart.
Staring down the barrel of a gun is the scariest thing you could ever experience. It's not funny. It's not for the movies.
Also, my mom and family are very important to me and I know that this is not expected.
I moved here to California when I was 13 to pursue my acting career. — © Christina Milian
I moved here to California when I was 13 to pursue my acting career.
My 'Chili Palmer' was my mother. Her name is Carmen Milian, and she's my manager. Before getting into music, we actually educated ourselves, and I went to college for music as a business and learned the business side, and she read a lot of books.
It wasn't until I was about 17 or 18 years old that I got into music.
I would love to go to a restaurant on the beach. And that could be in Miami or that could be in Malibu or Bahamas, Mexico.
I'm all about 'molde de arroz con picadillo'.
My mom and I always had a great bond. It was always a natural friendship bond since early on. My mom was 18 when she had me.
I had actually been on tour in Japan and I had my own world tour that I was doing. I was used to doing a show for an hour, so I was always learning choreography.
I enjoy being happy every day, and hopefully you can hear my happiness in my music. Life is beautiful.
The writing process is more... it becomes a case of more like a diary for me. I mean, I write stuff down all day whenever I'm experiencing something that I think would be important for me to look at later on. You know, whether it be for writing lyrics or just for a memory, like, 'Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I was feeling that way at that time'.
When we were doing the cheerleading for this, I was excited about doing it because I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I always wanted to but I didn't get to because I was working.
I'm a grown woman. The haters are definitely wrong if they think I care.
I was living in Maryland and my first week was dreadful. My first week I actually got into a fight at school.
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