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Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci is an American actress. Known for playing unusual characters with a dark edge, Ricci predominantly works in independent productions, but has also appeared in numerous box office hits: to date, her films have grossed in excess of US$1.4Β billion. She is the recipient of several accolades, including a National Board of Review Award and a Satellite Award, in addition to nominations for a Golden Globe, two Primetime Emmys, and a Screen Actors Guild awards.

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There are a lot of theories about Shakespeare.
I think I'm better at playing difficult than I am at being normal. And to me that's something I'm working on now. I'm not really that difficult or complex a person, so it's interesting to me that it's just so much harder for me to play an everygirl.
We have so much pride in welcoming these passengers onto the plane, and they have so much pride in travel. It's something that I definitely always remember, when I'm playing a scene on the plane, just to imbue everything with that sense of excitement.
I've been to therapists my whole life. I find the less attention I pay to food, the healthier I am. Any obsession is dangerous. And a whole country that's obsessed with one thing, unless it's, like, jeans, it's very dangerous. Everyone's obsessed right now with carbohydrates in this country. It's ridiculous.
We all have insecurities, and the thing that makes them crippling is that we all have the ability to blow them up into such huge issues in our minds, that we might as well have a facial deformity. It keeps us from really going out there and living our lives, and forgetting about hating yourself and just experiencing the world around you.
I like the way my own feet smell. I love to smell my sneakers when I take them off. β€” Β© Christina Ricci
I like the way my own feet smell. I love to smell my sneakers when I take them off.
It's fun to be sarcastic, but now I'm able to express myself in a way that's much more sincere.
Most people don't walk around knowing what other people think about them, and I don't think it's healthy to know what faceless strangers who you'll never meet say about you.
Well, I think I've had a fairly meandering career.
Everything, I think, about acting is based on imagination.
I don't come from money.
I'm getting older now, so I should think about a family, but certainly not tomorrow.
When you're doing something where you really like the material, it doesn't matter what medium it's in.
Doing films as an actor, you spend maybe 40 percent of the year doing your chosen profession. If you are on a successful TV show, you spend 80 percent of your year doing the thing you love.
You won't see me in a better mood than 4:00 in the morning on my way to work.
Every night I fell asleep to a different Beatles album. So I'm very familiar with the Beatles; Ringo was my favorite Beatle until I grew up and then changed. I made the switch over to George Harrison just in time to regain my cool.
I mean, I sing. But I don't think I'm a good enough singer to do any kind of musical. β€” Β© Christina Ricci
I mean, I sing. But I don't think I'm a good enough singer to do any kind of musical.
To play someone who is who they are because of the happiness and contentedness that they've known in their life is interesting because of sort of how banal it is.
Well, it's difficult to fall in love with a character when you just read the pilot. You don't really know who the character is.
I knew I would never be cast as the pretty girl.
I've always been a really ambitious person.
I think that the best career that someone can have is one that's reflective of their personal tastes.
My sister discovered the Beatles when she was about 11 and I'm four years younger. So we had nothing but Beatles paraphernalia. Every night I fell asleep to a different Beatles album.
I think people are learning to actually aspire to be objectified.
I think my anorexia was to do with being a teenager, not being in films.
This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.
I think I've always been interested in playing people who are judged very harshly.
I come from one of these hideous backgrounds where being sincere is like - ugh, you might as well kill yourself.
I work out.
I'm trying to just go with the flow and learn from the people around me.
I didn't use to think anything was worth keeping private. Now I do.
I think that I need to work on being comfortable at being normal, everyday-ish on camera. Unlike a lot of actors, I think that's the thing that I'm not so comfortable with.
We might all be so afraid to be who we are, but in the end, it's really you're individual, unique qualities that make you attractive to people.
I would love to fly privately, but unfortunately, I don't. I don't summer anywhere either.
I feel like some of the best talent is on TV right now, with the writing, acting and great directors. I've also been looking for the consistency of work that TV provides for you. And, I always thought it would be really interesting to live with a character for months, if not years.
I've always done guest-starring stuff.
I guess I'm a workaholic!
I always knew that I was kind of bored; the regular life of a child didn't fit me.
I love the solitude of being on a plane and finally getting to read an entire book and being left alone.
I think the thing that I always try to do - because it piques my interest - is to play really different parts all the time.
When I was a little girl - well, like, a teenager - I wanted to be Sam Jackson. I always wanted to be men. β€” Β© Christina Ricci
When I was a little girl - well, like, a teenager - I wanted to be Sam Jackson. I always wanted to be men.
I think it's really great to be able to stick with a character for a long period of time. It's not like you have one shot, and that's it.
I'm merely trying to be something akin to a nice, kind, good actress.
I want a Mini-Cooper because it's fuel efficient, emissions efficient and all that stuff. It's small and better for the environment. I think that will be my next car.
I am a Christian. I haven't really talked about that before. It is something very private. But I do pray and my beliefs are very important to me.
I eat crap.
The whole growing-up process seems to have eluded me.
This life that I've led has been really well suited for me.
I could easily exist on less money, but I like the way I live now.
My brother always teases me about my forehead: 'I could eat off it!'
I'm a TV addict, and I personally really enjoy reality TV.
I'm really open to everything. β€” Β© Christina Ricci
I'm really open to everything.
My sister and I shared a bedroom our entire lives and I believe she discovered the Beatles when she was about 11 and I'm four years younger. So from the age of 7 until 17 we had nothing but Beatles paraphernalia in our room, even those little stuffed Beatles that went on stands that are dressed as the Sgt. Pepper band.
I've been looking to do TV for a while. I've always done guest starring stuff. I've done a couple of multi-episode arcs, and I've always loved the experience.
I think I'm better at playing difficult than I am at being normal.
My dream role would probably be a psycho killer, because the whole thing I love about movies is that you get to do things you could never do in real life, and that would be my way of vicariously experiencing being a psycho killer. Also, it's incredibly romantic.
Unless it's a specific accent, or something about physicality you have to change, I am generally not such a conscious actor.
I think that I need to work on being comfortable at being normal, everyday-ish on camera.
I'm an actor who hates dialogue and the present day and reality.
I'm one of those people who loves to fly.
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