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Christine McCormick Day
Christine McCormick Day
Born: 1962

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Through the information the Pleiadians bring, we come into a new innate understanding of ourselves, and a new remembering. That really allows us to move forward on our path with that information. It's empowering. It puts things in perspective, back into place. It makes sense of everything that we are and what we're doing here, and what we have done and where we are going.
Our planet energetically has transformed, almost into an energetic womb in readiness for a very strong shift in consciousness.
We can start accessing a new way of being, a freedom of our spirit, and we can align more to that sacredness. When we hold on to the illusion, we cannot really perceive ourselves within that sacredness.
That's where the biggest shift has taken place. We have been propelled forward into our awakening because of the dimensional shifts on the planet. — © Christine McCormick Day
That's where the biggest shift has taken place. We have been propelled forward into our awakening because of the dimensional shifts on the planet.
There is no such thing as death.
Everyone is being affected, but there is only a group of us awake on the path who are consciously moving beyond the fifth dimension.
I've spent a lot of time off planet.
The letting go is an energetic process that moves us in a different flow of reality beyond the illusion and into more of a free-flowing liberation space.
The Pleiadians are saying it is going to happen in a mass setting. Within probably the next year and a half, many people are just going to have an instant awakening, a remembering.
Up here (on the North Shore of Minnesota) on the land we have two communication portals, and a Lemurian portal straight out from the house, and then a big stargate has just recently opened up in our meadow.
Just witness yourself with your human part and hold yourself with love, if you can, or at least acceptance.
The Pleiadians see a huge upswing in the drama on the planet and in individual lives. The drama is not a bad thing. It's just simply getting our attention to that which we need to take care of and notice all that we're still holding onto within ourselves. It's just to act as a mirror.
We need to be willing to witness ourselves in all the shades of our humanness, and to come into the heart space daily and just hold ourselves with love and compassion.
This is the time for us to just let go, to breathe, to come into our hearts, and know everything is in hand, and not to take everything at face value within the illusion as it plays out, because that will accelerate.
There is a tremendous acceleration and many of us will be moving dimensionally - through that sixth, seventh, dimensional element that will be here for those of us who are ready to engage with our galactic and universal neighbors.
We're being asked to bring our humanness along in holding that love and compassion for ourselves as we make our way through this energetic time of transformation.
I think the most important practice is to be authentic with our human selves.
We have a lot of ships coming in and transmitting to us and bringing the information. So, it's very powerful. — © Christine McCormick Day
We have a lot of ships coming in and transmitting to us and bringing the information. So, it's very powerful.
That has been a very strong message, and I feel that is going to continue, but there is a shift coming and they bring that into their messages. This time on the planet is changing for us. Yes, we've lived lifetimes as a human being in this illusion and this separated space, but that phase is coming to an end now and we are beginning to be launched into a new phase on the Earth plane where we will start waking up.
Yes, our enlightenment process is coming, but now it's about accepting our own imperfection as a human being, and through that we come back to a place of self-love and understand the journey more - that we have come here just to have a series of experiences to learn from and that we need not do it all perfectly.
This time, we stay in our bodies and remember. An important part of the book [The Pleiadian Promise] is about forming new communities on this Earth plane within our human selves - and new communities within the universe.
The Pleiadians are very much part of our evolution right now, and I think one of the most common questions people ask, "What is in it for the Pleiadians? Why are they supporting us in this way?" The best answer is that they will benefit from our evolution, just as the whole universe will. As we evolve and come into a deeper understanding of our grandness, our sacred nature, then we become more connected into the universal community as a group, and we need to return to that whole God Consciousness state.
The outer drama in the world is going to escalate, and what they [the Pleiadians] are saying is to come back to your heart and don't participate in the drama. Witness it, but understand that this illusion on the Earth plane is accelerating because of where we are in our evolution.
It's been such a privilege and an honor to be writing this book [he Pleiadian Promise]. It's really changed my life, and it has absorbed my every waking moment for months. I'm going to be relieved to put that aside and just release it, because it's been a lot, not too much; it's been very glorious, but it has been a lot for me.
Those who are living out the drama and the violence still need to live that out for their experience, while others of us have gone past that need - but we're still witnessing it from a distance. What the Pleiadians are saying is don't engage in drama that is not ours.
Those of us who are the way-showers, who are already on the path, will have accelerated to a point where we will hold an energetic setting for those people so they will be able to adjust and align while they integrate and reorientate themselves to who they are.
That's absolutely the truth, and that is exactly what the Pleiadians say, that we are going through what we would have done after we left the planet and remembered.
When the Pleiadians speak of letting go, they transmit a letting go energy through our energetic field. As a human being, we've been holding on for lifetimes, really holding on to the illusion strongly, holding on to the shame, the guilt, the sadness, all the things we've lived through, all the experiences we have allowed ourselves to create for ourselves in order to learn. We've held on to the pieces of us - the anger, the frustration and the pain.
We've been in this dream and now we wake up and start remembering the fullness of ourselves, our higher selves, our sacred nature, and at this time what we're being asked to do is just to let go and allow ourselves to be moved by a current into that more awakened state.
The Pleiadians reminded me of what my role was here, to be on this planet and to act as an ambassador to the Pleiadians, to bring awareness to people of their existence and to channel through their knowledge and the understanding at this time so we can evolve as a human race.
We have to understand (this is another key piece) that there are some individuals who still need that drama, that experience of violence.
The veils have become very thin and we are now able to access a large part of our sacredness - and we are utilizing that sacredness.
We don't need to save the Earth. I think the Earth is doing very well right now. And, it's mirroring the density within us, showing us what we need to shift - and that we are shifting. It's all very positive, as far as I'm concerned.
Know that originally none of us are from Earth. We all have natural origins off the planet. We are having human experience, but one thing we're going to have to come to understand - and I know that's a lot for some people - is that our heritage is within the galactic origin. We are going to come into alignment with that by remembering our individual origins - and that's going to be a very important part of our enlightenment process.
Take all the Syrians, for example. They are where they need to be. They don't need saving. They are having their experiences and they're completing what they need to complete within this human element, in this complete illusion.
We can witness it, but we stay in a space within ourself that is connected to a more authentic part of ourselves. That is what the warning is about.
The new book is amazing. It's called, The Pleiadian Promise. I get emotional when I just connect to it, because it's really an amazing, powerful, powerful piece of work.
It's a very important process of self-recognition, self-introspection, by just daily accepting our creation, accepting what is right in front of us, breathing, letting go, and coming into the heart space and knowing that that fear or the struggle is part of the illusion. Just breathe that truth, because as you breathe, it filters through and you'll find that that tightness, that intensity, the fear, the worry, will dissolve. Just allow yourself not to get stuck in that.
We always go back to that base, and that base is so important. It's like an energetic womb where you can begin. Energy is there and it's always there, and from there we receive the initiations that bring in peace, and a feeling of things leaving the body and then we start to feel peace, hope and understanding, which many people don't have right now.
Whatever you have in your life right now, accept that creation and know that it is here only in this moment of time while we learn what we have to learn. It is inside of us and it needs to be felt and acknowledged.
It also will come through natural forces, as a lot of intense storms also will be brewing. There's a lot for us to get caught up into if we choose, but they are warning us not to get caught up in it. It's simply a mirror of the times that we don't necessarily have to respond to and react to from within.
My role with the Pleiadians has been a profound journey of 24 years. Prior to meeting them, I had not believed in space ships or aliens, but I turned a corner in nature and they appeared before me and reminded me of my Pleiadian heritage and my mission this lifetime.
We've got a lot of violence in the world right now, a lot of upheaval in America with this election coming up, and a lot of unrest will come up from that. — © Christine McCormick Day
We've got a lot of violence in the world right now, a lot of upheaval in America with this election coming up, and a lot of unrest will come up from that.
There will be revelations of truth and understanding about our role within the universes, and we will start navigating with the galactic community and with other life form energies in a much more precise way, much more of a communion with those energies in accord with the acceleration that is happening on the planet.
There really is not any difference between any of us, because we're only talking about the difference of one moment in time between remembering. We can't judge what's right for each individual, because each person will get what they are ready for within the moment that are presented during that timeline process.
We need to breathe, come back to our hearts, and connect into more of a stable place within ourselves, not allowing that drama to affect us, and through this process we transcend that drama experience.
I think the biggest area of growth is going back to our galactic heritage.
The Pleiadians said that at a certain moment in the future, when we go through our transformation, the Earth plane will shift back to its original pristine self.
If someone comes in without having been on a spiritual path for long, he or she still will understand what is happening to them in their human lives, what is happening through the evolution, how their humanness is playing such an important role at this time, and where they are in their lives with their inner feelings. It actually gives them a support system, a base from which they can start to evolve naturally within themselves through the understanding of our humanness, of our imperfection.
The Pleiadians are here on the planet at this time to support us in our transition. They come from the star system known as the Seven Sisters, and they are at this time living out their own incarnations.
That's what I love about the Pleiadians. It allows people to start understanding their own human process and understand the dynamic that is going on on the planet right now.
Our humanness is the part of us that we try and push away, that we don't want to see, that we don't like. It's about self-acceptance, number one, and it's also about accepting our creation.
During the next years, we're going to see people absolutely waking up and remembering their origins and reconnecting to their family of origin, and this is going to change our whole view of Earth, that we are separate and alone.
It's going to open up us to our galactic neighbors, to the energies and the life force energies that exist within the universes that we are all a part of - and they all are here, of course, supporting us in this transition for this aspect of our awakening. I think that is going to be a big shift.
The actual initiations open up any dense areas in the physical body. The Pleiadian start to break up where the individual is holding on to a physical illness or a particular emotional experience. They always address the human being.
When the dimensional shift gets to a certain level, guess what? The illusion won't be able to remain stable anymore, and so people will simply wake up and remember who they are! That's going to happen to a certain group of people.
We actually allow ourselves to choose to have different experiences and to liberate ourselves to see past the illusion, past the fear of that fear, which is very strongly embedded in us as a part of the illusion here.
What I like about the Pleiadians is that they work and meet each person where they are in their own evolution. Every initiation, every process, is designed for the individual to meet an aspect of where they are within themselves.
We've all been victims. We've all been perpetrators. And, so there is a group that is still experiencing that. — © Christine McCormick Day
We've all been victims. We've all been perpetrators. And, so there is a group that is still experiencing that.
We are no longer anchored here through the illusions. The Earth itself is transforming to allow us to be unearthed and to make our way differently within the universal community.
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